‘Star Wars : Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 7 (Part 5)

Saturday.  My dad’s retirement party and my mom was on a tare as always when it comes to putting on a party.  I started my day as I have been trying to, and that is by taking a walk in the morning.  I took a nice long walk around my old neighborhood at home and I have to say that things have changed quite a bit.  It was nice to see the whole neighborhood.  I got done with a walk around the neighborhood and got home and my mom asked Heather and I to go out to Dunkin Donuts and get everyone some coffee.  We took off with some money and also did a quick stop to Wegmans for ourselves because my son forgot to pack my shaving kit and we had no personal items for ourselves.  We got back home and the chaos of the day was just beginning.  We no more than got in the door than my mother requested that my father go out to BJ’s and get a whole bunch of things.  While dad was out, she asked Heather and I to do some things including setting up tables.  She got upset with me because I set up the tables by myself.  She told me I was going to have a hernia trying to lift the tables.  I was fine and the tables were light!  I had NO idea what she was talking about!

Dad got back an another arguement ensued between my father and mother over, get this, ice!  That’s right, they argued over ice!  Well, my brother and I offered to go to Wegman’s to resolve the “ice issue” and my mom asked us to pick up some other minor things.  I convinced Mike to drop me off at the bank as well so I could cash a check mom had given to me for my birthday.  We stopped at the bank and shared some “lovely” tales about school districts and budgets.  When we got back, my mom asked Mike and I to take care of parking the cars for the party.  So, no problem, we became the Crissman non-valet service.  We parked cars and ran into some people we had not seen in a long time.  We saw Mr. Maynard, Mr. Eggert, Mr. Maginn, the Ebbecke’s, and others.  It was a wonderful party and my father has been so lucky to have garnered so many friends over the years!  It truly was a fun experience even though it rained on us for part of the party, but it helped to take care of some of the heat and humidity.

We got done with the party and Heather decided to take a nap.  Mike and I took the tables and chairs we borrowed from the church and returned them back to the church using Mike’s van as a carrying vessel.  We got done and came home and we hung out for a little bit with the neighbors acrossed the street and then Heather woke up from her nap and we took a ride home.  On our way home, we decided to get some dinner at the Taco Bell in Cortland, New York and ran into some of the worst conditions I’ve ever seen at a fast food restaurant.  So bad, that we decided to use the restrooms at the Wendy’s in Cortland and then call the 1-800-TACOBELL number on our way home.  We got home around nine o’clock or so, unloaded the car, put things away, watched a little T.V. and then went to bed.  I got things ready for our meeting for the Binghamton FanForce tomorrow.

Okay, so it was a busy day, but let’s talk about Part 5 of Chapter 7 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 7 (Part 5):  Mace slowly came out of the opening of the bunker and worked his way down the slope, pausing occasionally to give shooters a chance to adjust and himself a chance to deflect.  He felt some bolts graze his flesh as he heard Rankin say cease fire, but others continued to shoot anyway.  He felt a blood thirst, a blood fever through The Force.  More bolts came flying and as they did, Mace gave into the power of The Force more and more.  Then Mace sensed a presence behind himself, so he spun around and cut the knife that was going to stab him with Depa’s blade.  That’s when he looked up to see Terrell asking Mace to kill him!  Mace used The Force to push Terrell toward the bunker door and told Terrell that he was not safe here.  Then a flame shot between them and Mace realized the flames came from the steamcrawler’s flamethrower.  Mace realized h needed to make all four steamcrawlers a pile of scrap.  Mace soon realized where the shatterpoints on the steamcrawlers were, but he decided that wasn’t enough.  They only cared about killing him with no regard for their own children’s lives!  He told himself they wre evil and all should die…..


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