‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 6 (Part 13)

Well, it’s the 7th of July and for those of you that don’t know, it’s my Birthday!  Yeah, for me, it’ s my birthday and I should be excited about turning 32, but I’m not!  I don’t know why I’m not, and there may be some very real answers to that question and that may have something to do with the way I spent my day today.  It really was a normal, ordinary day.  Heck, my wife didn’t even wish me Happy Birthday today.  I got up early this morning (eight o’clock) and decided that now was the time to start walking in the morning again.  What I was excited about was that a walk that would take me forty minutes before I have now cut down to thirty minutes.  That means that I’m already starting better off than I did last year.  Have I lost any weight yet?  No, but I have managed to maintain my weight, which is a HUGE step for me.  I got back to the house around eight-thirty and watched some of the news and then Dr. Phil.  I helped the kids with some things upstairs and showed them how to unload the dishwasher.  I then went downstairs and figured now was the time to work on the fixes on the armor.  Well, I ran into a snag right away.  I figured I just needed to patch my current holser, but reality is that it’s cracked again and I need to make another holster.  Really, I should just make a leather one, one of these days, and it would probably save me money every year.  Anyway, I got to work on that while I watched Beowulf a little bit.  Afer a while, Heather came home and watched some of the movie with me and then went upstairs to make an early dinner as I had to work at Wendy’s tonight.

We ate dinner together and then I rushed off to work.  It was in interesting evening at Wendy’s.  I don’t think the new crew likes, nor trusts me at the store.  I felt a lot of pressure tonight, though, as I was put on carry out sandwiches for my first day back.  A little pressure, but I think I handled it okay.  My fellow employess may not have felt the same, but I don’t think they cared because they were more into goofing around than working.  I came home and vented to my wife a little and then called my parents and talked to them for a little bit.  I then chilled out and went to bed a little early.  Tomorrow, we have big plans.  It was time to put the new door on my house and let’s pray we can manage to get it in.  Other wise, I have a house with no front door.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 13 of Chapter 6 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 6 (Part 13):  Terrel’s arm had been broken by either a bullet or schrapnel.  He brags about killing Korun to me, expecting to get arise out of me about killing my own people.  Little does he know, this tactic does not work on me.  The oldest girl, Keela, has the worst injuries with a fractured skull and a concussion.  The medpac I salvaged from the wreckage should help to save her life with some rest.  The three youngest, Urno, Nykl, and Pell only have scrapes and bruises.  The children have all decided that I am a bounty hunter of some sort, since I have yet to interogate or torture them.  If that’s what they want to think, then that’s fine with me.  Soon a debate began to brew about the greatest bounty hunter ever, and one of them argued that Jengo Fett is and asked if I were him.  But before I could answer, Terrel reminded them that Jengo Fett is dead!  The younger boy got teary-eyed, but I had to confirm the bitter truth to the boy.  They then began to argue about how he died.  Terrel said a Jedi simply came up behind him and stabbed him in the back.  I just could not bring myself to tell them that I had killed Jengo Fett.  Terrell’s refernce to the Jedi has shown me that Depa has soured our name and order on this planet.  Now they have bounty hunters to look up to.  The steamcrawlers have passed us and are looking at the covering over the ravine that the cooled lava has made.  They’ll cross the ravine and I will have to take these children hostage.  It goes against all I know.  Suddenly I see lots of glow rods.  They decided to get out and go on foot.  They plan on checking the compound!  Then, I remembered a saying Master Yoda had, “If losing at a game you are, a new game needs to be played”.  I told the boys to get up here as we’re going to be playing my new game today.  It’s called “Nobody Else Dies Today”.


One Response to “‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 6 (Part 13)”

  1. mara jade Says:

    Happy Birthday Bob!

    Hope you at least got one cool present!

    Take care.

    Hope to see you soon for meetings and minis!


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