‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 6 (Part 11)

Saturday.  There were many plans for the day today and a lot got done around my house.  I look around my home today and I just can’t believe what was accomplished in one day.  And I can whole-heartedly say that my wife and I owe it all to my father in law who is truly a skilled craftsman when it comes to being a carpenter.  He has given my wife one of her dream kitchens of the world, which is exactly what she wanted for her birthday and for Mother’s Day.  My kitchen is truly a dream now.  We have a new stove in place (well, used, but new to us), we have a completely new dishwasher and we have many new cabinets put up.  My wife put a lot on my father-in-law’s plates and he wasn’t able to get to the floors or the door, but that was all okay with me and I had a feeling that it wasn’t all going to get done.

We had a nice time and the kids were miraculously well behaved as well.  Not only did we manage to get all of that done, but we also received my mirrored T-Visor for my helmet today and I managed to install it tonight.  It didn’t go as smooth as I would have wanted it to, but it wasn’t bad overall.  I do have some scratches on the visor, but it isn’t anywhere near as bad as the t-visor I had previously installed on the helmet.  I had to trim the T-Visor and somehow the sheething on the inside has started to peel.  I’ll deal with it as it gets worse.  But, it does make my helmet look pretty sweet!

We cleaned up from the mess from today and tomorrow Heather has some dreams about how she is going to fix up the kitchen tomorrow and she wants to go to Wal Mart which will help me get some things that will help to fix all my armor and get ready for our next event, which I hope is the midnight release of the Clone Wars toys at Toys R’Us, if I can ever get ahold of the manager at the store!

Okay, so let’s keep this Star Wars talk alive and let’s talk about Part 11 of Chapter 6 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 6 (Part 11):  Mace then climbed inside the hatch of the steamcrawler.  A teenage aged boy tried to push an unconscious female of about the same age, up the steep slope of what was now the interior of the overturned steamcrawler.  The boys arem was bandaged and he begged the girl to wake up as he couldn’t continue to push her.  Mace noticed she had quite the head wound and assumed she wouldn’t be waking up anytime soon.  As Mace reached in to help, he noticed a blaster rifle pointed at his head by the teenage boys’ good arm.  Mace dodged the blasts and plastered himself flat against the outside of the steamcrawler.  As he boy tried to blast Mace, the steamcrawler shifted, so Mace used The Force to shift it back and stabilize it.  As he did, he heard shrieks from above him on the mountain as he realized he lost concentration on the rocks  the two boys and the girl were on, and they were sliding toward lava.  As he stabilized the slid long enough to get the kids to the top, he heard the teenage boy cursing him and all the Kornos from inside the steamcrawler.  Mace cursed the war and told himself that these two teenagers were going to die because they didn’t see a Jedi, but a Korun in front of them.  Mace’s options and time were running out.  That’s when mace got an idea.  He lowered his voice and added an accent to dound like Chalk and threatened the boy that if he didn’t come out, a grenade was going to come in.  Then Mace told him that he’d be leaving the young children alone with a Korun.  Mace figure this teenager had quite the guts…..


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