Hovering Rocks #2

Hovering Rocks #2

Well, it’s the Fourth of July and Happy Birthday to this country!  I will say this, I am so proud to be an American today, but I do worry abour our country and where we are heading.  So, I want to first talk about my day, and then I’m going to give a little bit of a disertation of where I think the United States is heading and where I think the United States needs to head.  I’d like to title the disertation, “Where We’re Right, and Others are Wrong”.  Okay, so let me start with my day.

I had a pretty cruddy day quite honestly, and a lot of it has to do with my children who have decided they would try to push the boundries of who’s in control of this house today.  I woke up and went downstairs to watch Dr. Phil and the kids had a list of things that had to get done from Heather.  Among all of that, they needed to take care of the dog.  Well, first off, my son did not walk the dog, so the dog peed on the floor.  It was kind of one of those “duh” moments from my son, and he’s not even a teenager yet!  Scary!  Then my other two girls decided now would be a good time to ignore dad and just not do the laundry and turn on the T.V. and eat breakfast.  I went back upstairs and chewed them out and they seemed to be on the track to getting things done.  So I went downstairs to watch part of a marathon, “The Revolution” about the Revolutionary War here in the States on the History Channel.  Shortly after having watched the first hour of the special, I see the dog go wandering past the downstairs windows.  Crap!  The dog got out of the house again.  I went upstairs to tell the kids and they didn’t even know!  This means the dog basically opened up the back screen door, walked through, down the deck and out into the yard without three kids even knowing about it.  We got the dog and I went downstairs to try and watch the History Channel special again.  Well, I heard a bunch of noise upstairs and caught my children chasing the dog around and they were playing around with my good digital camera and they had taken five or six pictures off of it.  Well, that was it, I lost it!  I sent them to their rooms for the rest of the day and I came upstairs and watched the History Channel.  As I told my wife via text messaging, I ran a military camp for the rest of the day.  They had to sit on their beds.  They got bread and water for lunch.  They weren’t allowed to talk.  They weren’t allowed to sleep.  And they couldn’t do anything that they wanted to.  By the time Heather got home, the kids were now emotionally broken.  Heather talked to them and they came and apologized to me and realized that they were out of control and as Austin had put it, “lost their minds with freedom”.

I had told them that they weren’t allowed to go see fireworks.  What I didn’t have heart to tell them was that I had bought fireworks to let off in the back yard.  So, we had some Subway for dinner, which Heather went and picked up and when dawn hit, I let off some fireworks.  Shortly after I ended my hour long display (it was kind of slow), I had the town police show up and cite me with town ordinance.  I didn’t break the law or anything, but they are required to inform me that it’s illegal to let them off in town limits.  The cop then proceeded to tell me that all I have to do is write a letter to the court and let them know it was the Fourth of July and no one got injured and there will be no ticket.  Basically, I was given a bunch of paperwork to do because I let off fireworks legally.  Doesn’t make sense to me!  Anyway, after that, we watched the Boston Pops on T.V. and then we all went to bed.

Okay, so here it is:

Where We’re Right and Other’s are Wrong

There has been, as of late, this philosophy in the world that The United States of America is wrong.  This thought and state of mind has occured not only outside our country, but inside our country as well.   But I think that there is something that we all need to look at and that is what this country was inteded to be.  You see, if we go back to what the Founding Fathers wanted out of our country, you will see why the United States is right and why the rest of the world has gotten it wrong over these years.  Unfortunately, like any teenager (which is what our country is when compared with the age of many of the other countries of the world), we are more worried about what the rest of the world thinks of us instead of what we know is right.  This country was founded on the principal that all people should have a say in government.  What does this mean?  It means we elect people to our government that work for the people because that politician is one of the people.  This is no longer the case in America.  Now we have decided that becoming a politician is a “life long goal” or a “job that we can achieve and hang on to”.  Now, if we go back to the philosophy of the Constitution, the Founding Fathers believed that those who served in politics needed to be a part of the people.  In other words, they would head to the capital of the country and vote three or four times a year and then would go back home ot their typical day to day jobs.  In this day and age, that has no longer become the case.  Now politicians often become members of The Senate or The House and move to D.C. and rarely if ever go back to their home state.  Better yet, some senators (Hillary Clinton is a prime example) have no conpunction to back the state they live in simply because they’re really not FROM that state!  We have LET this happen in this country.  No one speaks out and if they do, they are considered out of their mind or “insane”!  But, I will get to that point in a minute.  So, why are we right and other’s are wrong?  Simple, we believe that being a politician was NEVER intended to be a job, but a duty.  Much like a person who goes and serves Jury Duty or someone who decides to serve the military.  Those that choose to do should choose to do.  But not for money, greed, corruption, or better Health Care.  They should choose to do out of civic duty to their country.

Which brings me to my next point.  In other parts of the world people are under a LOT of control when it comes to what you are allowed to say in public.  A prime example is the idea of Blogs and free thought on the Internet.  Although you’ll see many Americans that are very outspoken on the Internet, you won’t see a lot of Russians or Chinese doing the same.  Why?  In these countries, there are repercussions for speaking out against or for an idea.  In this country, in the last few years, we have twisted the idea of Free Speech.  I’m going to say some things here that are probably pretty controversial, but they need to be said.  We have decided that we in this country are going to be allowed to speak, but it must be spoken through that filter which we call the media.  And let’s face it, the media is liberal in it’s conjecture and in it’s philosophy.  What do we do to those who are not fed through this filter?  Simple, either we try to attack them on a personal front, such as what has been done to Rush Limbaugh, Don Imus, or Michael Savage, or we try to “balance” them like we do with Sean Hannity and Colmes.  Reality check?  In this country, as long as you say what the liberal media wants you to say, then you’re allowed to have free speech, otherwise, supposedly the country doesn’t want to hear it.  WRONG!!  People are screaming for a non-filtered news media.  Any idea where Americans find it now?  The BBC.  That’s right!  The British have better free press than the country that invented free press!  If that’s not messed up, then I don’t know what is!  So, why are we right and others are wrong?  Simple, if we follow the mandate given by our Founding Fathers, then everyone is allowed to speak and if the world worked the way it was supposed to, anyone and everyone would have access to voice their opinions in the press.  Not just those that own a News Media or Corporation.  I do think this is starting to change as I believe that there is a revolution going on through the Internet.  It needs to happen more, but I do think that we are going to balance out this concept of Liberal media.

Finally, our legal system in this country is broke.  How?  Simple.  The basis of the conjecture of the U.S. Constitution is that the government will make the laws and the U.S. Supreme Court will therefore enforce the laws that are made.  Think about it from a simple standpoint.  Go back to what you were taught in school.  If you wanted to change a law, you needed to come up with people that were going to back you, you needed to create a bill, bring it before the Senate, bring it before the House, and then have the President sign off on the bill and then the Senate does one final vote.  Do you remember learning all of this in school?  Remember how School House Rock addressed this issue?  I do.  But, our system no longer works this way.  It’s broke!  Now we have courts that have decided that precidence needs to be set in the court room.  In other words, if you’re a liberal and on a court, then you can establish whatever conjecture within your court that you see fit?  You want gays to get married?  No problem, ignore the Constitution and “interpret” it however you want and make a ruling the way you see fit.  Now that it’s law, other courts can argue the same and suddenly one court decision makes something a national law.  WRONG!! This is not the founding principle of the Constitution!  By doing this, we have ruined the concept of checks and balances.  Instead, we simply have laws being willy nilly created all over the countryside.  Don’t believe me?  Keep paying attention to what happens in the coming months on court cases and you’ll see just how much power the courts have over our laws.  And I could even argue it from the other end.  The courts have interjected into the political theater as well, when they decided to make the call on the 2000 election in favor of George Bush instead of insisting upon a full election count.  No, our courts in the country have become our new King George III.  And here’s where I say a revolution best occur in this country and it best occur soon!  We need to take back control of the laws in our lands and stop letting these individual judges make their own decisions about what a law is.  Judges are made to enforce the laws created in this land, not interpret and re-interpret these laws!  We are now in a dangerous situation in this country and this is where we are right and all the others are wrong.  In this land, we made it clear in the creation of the system of checks and balances to keep coruption from occurring.  Corruption is now rampant.  We need to make this system right, or this country will continue to go down it’s wrong path.

And finally, the one thing that must be discussed today.  The freedom of this country.  As much as the English hate this holiday and as much as the French revel in it, the fact remains that our Founding Fathers got it right.  They were right.  The question we now have for our generation and our children’s generations is whether or not we can correct our wrongs.  Because in all honest truth, if you read The U.S. Constitution correctly, that document is where we were right and other’s are wrong.  God Bless the U.S.A. and God Bless it’s citizens.



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