‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 6 (Part 10)

Okay, it’s Thursday and this day seemed just as busy as the rest of the week.  See?  Summer is just as busy for me as any other time fo the year.  In some ways, when you have three kids and a house, you just don’t get a break from everything going on!  I spent most of my day today getting ready for things for tonight.  This evening my buddy Danny is going to be coming over and playing minis with his wife and we’re going to eat some dinner together and have a good old time at the house.  I got up around nine o’clock this morning and the kids folded laundry and I went downstairs and watched some Dr. Phil while I worked on some paperwork that needed to get done.  I got done with that and then I went to work on finishing the communications pack for “Kal Falco” the Mandalorian costume I own.  The pack is, as of now, basically done.  All I have to do now is add some cords and then start to put it all together with the costume and make sure it all lines up right and it looks good.  I then started to clean up the house with the help of the kids.

We cleaned everything in the house today.  We cleaned the downstairs home theater room, the upstairs living room, the kitchen, both bathrooms, and the sewing room.  In the process, I continued to work on a “gift” I have for Scur Falco on Splodie Day (or what the Falco’s call Fourth of July).  A lot got done in the process.  Amongst it all, I finished up with some strategy for gaming for tonight and I also started to finish editing the special I have for tonight, which is a Fourth of July release for Hovering Rocks #2.  I got a LOT done and somehow still felt like I didn’t get anything done!

Heather got home around two o’clock or so and asked me to go to Giant and get some food stuffs while she took a quick nap to make it through the evening.  I got home and went downstairs and started to finish up editing and doing a little recording on the Podcast when Danny and his wife showed up.   I talked to Dan for a little bit and felt bad because I needed to record some more.  But, we socialized while I finished editing the show.  Shortly after, Heather called for dinner for the adults.  We went upstairs and had a great dinner of chicken, fruit, salad, and assorted other goodies.  It was a good dinner and we had a lot of fun socializing with another couple that have one of the cutest babies I’ve seen.

After dinner, we went downstairs and played minis while Heather and the kids watched “Are You Smater Than A Fifth Grader” and Heather had fun “playing” with the baby.  I got my butt kicked in minis again tonight.  It never fails.  I really don’t have good minis at my disposal.  I have some great strategies, but the minis I have seem to limit my strategy somehow.  We had a three-hundred point choice this time around and I had some interesting members on my squad.  I had Cade Skywalker, Talon Karrde, a bunch of Black Sun Bith and with the advent of Nyna, all my Black Sun became “invisible” unless you were in close quarters combat.  BUT, what that did was make my Yuuzhan Vong visible to everyone else.  Crap!  Well, it was fun anyway, and I did manage to hold out longer than I thought I would.  We got done and I was exhausted, so shortly after Dan and his wife left, I went to bed.  Heather was already asleep as her work week was really tough on her.  Tomorrow should be a good change except Heather still has to work even though it’s the fourth of July.

Okay, so let’s talk some more Star Wars as we cover Part 10 of Chapter 6 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 6 (Part 10):  Mace thought to himself that Master Yoda would simply lift the steamcrawler, kids and all, and move them out of the lava.  As he assessed the situation, another eruption came and shook the ground loose from underneath him.  Mace decided now was a good time to use the ground to his advanteage.  He reached out through The Force and urged the ground to collapse which caused an avalanche and a wave of dirt to overpower the lava and cool it from above.  As the dirt mound grew down the mountain side it filled in the gap of the cliff and cooled the lava flow as it went.  Mace rode the wave of dirt as Aquaman would ride a wave of water.  He used The Force to stabalize the rubble while he made his way to the roof and cabin of the steamcrawler.  He found on the roof of the steamcralwer two six year old boys and an eight year old girl.  Mace introduced himself to the girl and said he needs her help.  He asked her to lead the boys back up to the crest of the mountain, the way he came down it.  She used a booming female voice and told the boys to quit crying as she was going to save them……


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