‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 6 (Part 9)

Well, today was a rather interesting day.  First off, last night, Heather and I celebrated Austin’s birthday with him and we just finished opening up gifts, when my one buddy who works at Lowe’s offered to take Heather and I over there to help us out with our dishwasher and doors for the house.  In other words, he was going to help us buy these products with his 10% discount.  Awesome!  So, we headed right out to Lowe’s and now sitting in my garage is a dishwasher, stove, and two front doors as well as enough studs to take out the external door by our kitchen.  Needless to say it was a long night and when we got back, it was too early for Austin to go rollerblading with his new roller blades.  Okay, so I told that story to tell you this one.

My son woke up around six o’clock this morning and came into the room and asked me if he could go outside now and rollerblade.  I told him that I was sorry, but mom had told me to have him fold clothes before he went outside.  Well, you’ve never seen clothes folded so fast in your life.  By eight o’clock or so, Austin was outside rollerblading.  Of course, that had to lead to a fight that Heather and I had not considered before this point.  Ruth has rollerblades and pads, Austin has rollerblades and pads, but Tara only has rollerblades without pads.  Oops!  So, I had to have them share pads which didn’t go over so well.  Heather came home from work early today and took a nap and then proceeded to work on my Imperial Officer’s jacket.  She’s been working on this jacket for months now and I have to say it is a bone of contention between me and her.  She promised me she would have it done by the beginning of summer.  We are now into the first week in July and the jacket is still not completed.  She started the jacket two and a half months ago.  If I had hired her for a job, she would be fired at this point!  Anyway, I digress.  Simply put, we had another blow up about the jacket and then we had an argument because I wanted to take the kids to the movies today to reward the kids for a job well done at school.  She did not because she was too tired and as I pointed out to her that if we wait, it won’t happen until the last week in July going into the first week in August and then it’s too late if you ask me.  So, needless to say, we argued till about one o’clock, I convinced her to go out to the movies with me and the kids and we took the kids to see Wall-E at two o’clock this afternoon. 

As an aside here, I was a fan of Wall-E till we got to the basic principle of the movie.  The entire concept behind the movie is the fact that humans got so messy that we had to leave Earth and leave behind robots to clean up our mess in hopes that they could save Earth until we got back.  Oh, and while humans were away, they got lazy and fat and never left their seats in the space ship.  All I can say is that the movie is based on some mythodical hypie crap!  So, unless you’re a flower loving, bonfire jumping, camping in your tent for life hippie, then this movie is not for you!

Okay, so we got done with that and came home and we then got things together for dinner and then had a typical evening watching T.V. and what-not.  It was not a bad day, but I felt jipped by the movie.  So, tomorrow is another day and I have some goals before tomorrow night.  I want to finish my backpack for Kal Falco among other things, including finishing editing my next podcast and then cleaning up the basement as I have friends coming over tomorrow night to play minis.  It was a long day.

But, enough of that, let’s talk about Part 9 of Chapter 6 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover……

Chapter 6 (Part 9):  Mace came out of the cave navigating by sound.  There was no vision anywhere as the clouds had masked the ability of the glow vines to light the way.  Mace reached out with The Force to guide his steps past vines, roots, branches, and even gaps in the forest floor.  Not only did he hear voices, but now he heard the start-up of a steamcrawler engine!  That’s when Mace happened to come upon a steamcrawler that had now been caught up in the slow moving lava from the volcano.  He knew these low-tech devices could with-stand the flow, but it could potentially topple or worse, it could get so warm that it could roast it’s occupants alive!  Mace managed to make out the shape of two figures on the roof of the crawler towards it’s rear.  A third crawled through an opening and joined them.  Mace now knew there were three surviving children and sensed two more injured inside.  They were all facing impending doom, jump in the lava or over the cliff.  Mace though to himself that if there were any specific reasons that the Jedi are granted their powers, it’s for moments like these…..


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