‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 6: Civilians (Part 3)

Thursday.  There’s no way it’s Thursday!  I refuse to believe that it is Thursday!  CRAP!  My vacation is almost over and I haven’t had a moment to relax by myself yet all vacation long!  Man, it just didn’t work out the way I wanted this vacation to work out.  I got up at nine again this morning and got myself going for the day.  Heather had already taken off for work and I was just being lazy this morning, so I watched “Dr. Phil” and then I watched a movie we had Netflixed over the course of the week.  While I watched the movie, I organized my Star Wars minis and worked on organizing my shop since I couldn’t start to build my pack yet, I figured I had better do something to take up some time.  I got done watching the movie and doing all of this and then it was time for lunch.

I went upstairs and joined the kids and we all ate lunch together.  I got done with lunch and Heather showed up home and I had to leave almost immediately because I had a meeting to get to at the Zoo for our upcoming Star Wars at the Zoo event.  After that I was going over to Danielle and Allen’s house and we were going to play minis for the rest of the evening.  So, I went and picked up Dan from his house and we headed over to the Zoo to meet Karen and discuss the event with the Zoo’s event coordinator.

I was excited to talk to the new coordinator and he seemed to really like the idea of the Binghamton FanForce helping the zoo out in this way.  He said he’s heard of events like this before, but never seen them put together and seemed excited about the idea.  He was even more excited at the prospect of the “jail and bail” that we plan to do to help raise money for them.  He said that he has an old lion cage that we could use as the jail and that we could use that as our way to save space for people who bring the jail with them.  We discussed other matters, such as potentially using the go-carts to transport some people around and the possibility of using other parts of the park for other various events, such as the R2-D2 builders club should they decide to come.  All in all, I’m looking forward to this event!  There were some things that did go off in the meeting, but it wasn’t the zoo’s fault and it has to do with some of the politics going on within our group that I’m going to have to address with the group later.

We got done and Dan and I called Danielle and Allen and they weren’t home yet.  So, we decided to go to dinner at Taco Bell in Vestal.  We had a good time just talking about things including our lives and friends that we’re worried about and what we even planned on doing for the mini’s event tonight.  We had a lot of fun talking and then went to Endicott to Allen and Danielle’s.  We played minis far into the evening.  We played until after midnight and we did two games.  On the first game, I got slaughtered as always.  But on the second game, I did okay and was the second to last guy out.  It was fun and it was nice to be able to get some stress relief out while playing the game.  I think everyone there enjoyed the evening and it was fun.  I dropped Dan off on my way home and then went home and crashed.  It was a long, but fun day.  Can’t believe that tomorrow is the official end to my vacation.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 6 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Wodring Stover…..

Chapter 6 (Part 3):  Nick said he saw this whole, “Jedi are mightier than though” thing coming.  That’s when I realized that NIck Rosta had become a test on my Jedi moral fiber and that I just wanted to give him one good smack!  Nick then told Mace he had been there at the scene they saw in Palpatine’s office.  He then told Mace they dressed the secne up nice and good for the Republic Intelligence Officer.  At this point, I began to feel very betrayed.  Nick told the story like it was some big Intergalactic joke and the more he talked, the more I got angry.  This makes my current meditation risky.  It’s good that Nick left a few hours ago on Galthra, I’m still dealing with the fallout of what he just told me.  The massacre had somehow been staged.  Even though the bodies were real, it was staged to get my attention because Depa wanted me here.  The whole thing was a set-up to get me off Coruscant and on to Haruun Kal.  The bodies in the scene were jungle prospectors and they were killed, but only because the Korun saw them as a threat since they know the jungle so well.   The children were Korunnai children, however…..


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