‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 5: Blood Fever (Part 9)

Saturday.  The very first official day of my vacation.  And it started out with a bang!  Heather got up early because she had a shower to go to for her brother’s future wife.  She had to go out to the Richfield Springs area with our two daughters because my youngest daughter is going to be the flower girl for the ceremony.  So, we got up around eight o’clock this morning and Heather got the girls together and was out the door by nine o’clock.  That left Austin and I alone in the house, which if you ask me, is a big risk!  LOL.  Anyway, Austin and I decided to make a manly day out of it and we goofed around for a little bit.  We then decided to eat lunch downstairs and then we thought we would go out and get our DVD from Jeff Dunham signed by him since he was at Wal Mart today (he was doing a show in town tonight, but we couldn’t get tickets because they sold out in a matter of three minutes).

We got to Wal Mart and the parking lot was a disaster zone.  We got to the door with our DVD when a Wal Mart employee let us know that they were now officially turning people away to try and get autographs from Jeff Dunham and they already had a line that wrapped completely around the store.  Crap!  All well, as I said to Austin, we gave it the “old college try”.  We got done with Wal Mart and decided to head over to “Family Hobbies and Crafts” and get two packs of the new Minis game, “The Legacy of the Force”.  Austin said he was hungry and we hadn’t eaten lunch and it was one-thirty, so I told him we would go to Friendly’s when we were done, but that daddy was trying to find a frame to a backpack for his costume.  We looked at a whole bunch of places, including “Dick’s”, and even “Gander Mountain”, but no one had just the frame.  They all had full size packs that were $100 a piece, which was WAY more than I wanted to spend on my pack.  So, we decided to eat at the “Friendly’s” right in Johnson City.

We figured since we’d be waiting on food, we would bring the minis inside and open them up.  I got some cool one’s but the best mini I got was Cade Skywalker.  This made me excited as we had planned on playing minis this week and I was hoping to play Cade with my Clone Commando Squad.  Anyway, Austin and I played minis and then went home to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening at home.  By the time we got home it was now three o’clock in the afternoon.  Austin wanted to start watching the Star Wars movies in order, and who am I to argue.  In reality, I knew we weren’t going to get through them, but it’s always fun to start and try.  We watched “The Phantom Menace” and I finished grading papers and putting together finals and finishing grades.  I inputted them on the computer via Internet and decided that now was the time to start to edit the classroom music videos from this quarter.  We continued watching the Star Wars movies as I worked on this and we both go leftovers for dinner from the house.  I had Austintake a nap this afternoon as well because Charles was coming down tonight to spend some time with us and to attend the FanForce meeting on Sunday.  So, I needed Austin to stay up late so we could meet with Charles and Mary, his wife.  He got up and we kept going for the evening and around eight o’clock or so I got a call from Charles letting me know he was on his way down to Binghamton.  I told him we could meet at McGirk’s for kilt night.  He agreed.

Austin and I managed to beat Charles to McGirk’s and by the time we got there, kilt night was starting to end.  Charles and Mary showed up and we sat down and had a beer, while Austin joined us in having a root beer (which Mary thought was so cute!) and we talked for a while.  We talked about our lives and we also talked about our friend who was having a problem and Mary agreed that she felt as helpless as I did in the fact that our friend was running into a personal crisis and there wasn’t much we could do to help.  We stayed at McGirks until they started to close the bar at midnight.  So, we went to my house (I put Austin to sleep) and we stayed up till late in the morning (two in the morning I believe) to talk and we even watched “Family Guy:  Blue Harvest” on DVD.  It was a long day, but a fun day.  And what can I say?  I’m on vacation!

Okay, let’s talk about Part 9 of Chapter 5 of “Star Wars:  A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 5 (Part 9):  They walked among a jungle canopy as the sun began to set behind them.  They all wore bacta bandages and wore the scars of the previous fight on their body.  They left what was left of Lesh’s body behind, buried under a tree.  Their backpacks were heavy with supplies they could scavenge from their grassers.  But Mace noted to himself that any identity he had off-planet had pretty much been burned away when the grasser was burned to death.  His only connection to out worlds was his lightsaber.  He considered using the datapad to summon the “Halleck” to evacuate them, but the holocomm was not working.  The only thing that did work on it was the recorder.  Mace found it ironic that his fake datapad was now just a datapad.  Galthra, the only surviving akk, walked at Chalk’s side, and she would give a Force twitch every once in a while, but no gunships appeared behind them.  Nick now forced them all to pick up their pace….


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