‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 5: Blood Fever (Part 8)

Friday.  Last day before vacation and you would think that it would be a relaxing day.  But not my day.  First, my alarm went off this morning and I think I snoozed it too much.  So, the kids and I got up late.  Although, Heather doesn’t know it, and considering she never reads my blog, she may never know it.  I did manage to get the kids out the door on time and I got to work a little later than I wanted to.  I knew this was going to be a long and interesting school day from the minute I walked in the door at the beginning of the day.

The minute I walked in, there was a demand for me to set up the sound for the assembly at the beginning of the day today.  I put the event coordinator’s mind at ease and told her to relax as I had everything under control.  She was actually pretty good about relaxing and trusted me.  I took care of getting my classroom prepped for my final exams for the day and then went into the auditorium and turned everything on and set everything up.  Once I finished up with that, I then went back to my room, picked up my homeroom and headed into the auditorium.  We then did our “Everybody Matters at East Middle School” assembly.  We got done with the assembly and ran an hour delay schedule, which put me in quite the pinch.  That meant I only had thirty-five minutes with each period to finish up final exams.  Some classes had plenty of time, others didn’t have enough time at all.  But, somehow I got them all finished.  I was relieved that all my students got their exams done.  You think that would be enough before vacation, but it was not.

I got done with school and of course, what did I have?  You got it!  Tech rehearsal!  Yeah!  It went fairly well today considering that it was the afternoon of the first day of vacation and I had to force my students to stay behind to rehearse.  They were really good sports about it.  We got done with rehearsal and Heather suggested we got to Wal Mart and get some dinner out.  So, we went to IHOP and then went to Wal Mart to do some shopping and get some things she needed for the house.  We got done and came home and by the time I got home, it was already nine o’clock.  The kids watched some T.V. upstairs before going to bed.  Heather and I went downstairs and watched some T.V. while I graded final exams and then we went to bed early.  Heather had an early day to worry about tomorrow, so we went to bed a little early.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 8 of Chapter 5 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 5 (Part 8):  A form of bloodborne parasites had attacked Lesh’s nervous system and were now eating his brain.  This now made Mace understand that Lesh wasn’t high last night, but already infected.  Nick called them fever wasps and said that the larvae like the thyssel bark whne they hatch.  He explained that they would hatch through his skull.  Mace then said that the reading said he could still be saved, he suggested putting him in suspended animation and then take him to a hospital in Pelek Baw.  Besh shook his head no and Nick said that Lesh’s case is more advanced thatn the medpac scanner says, and Mace said the scanner does not lie.  That’s when Mace realized that the reading was of Besh.  Nick used the medpac anc checked Chalk and Mace for infection signs.  Mace then scanned Nick and said he was okay and Mace asked if there was a treatment.  Nick pulled out his blaster and said that was his treatment.  Mace was shocekd that his answer was to kill his friends.  Nick said just Lesh and Mace said he was going to treat Lesh like Chalk’s grasser and just shoot him in the skull.  Nick said they can’t as it just scatters the larvae.  He said they have to destory all the infected areas: brain, spinal cord, nervous system.  Nick said he would normally burn the body, but with the gunships, who knows what’s on it’s way back now!  Mace couldn’t believe what he was about to do, as he pulled out both his blade and Depa’s blade and turned them on.  Mace told them all to say goodbye to their friend and brother.  Besh got up and walked over to Chalk and collapsed in her arms crying of grief.  Nick got up, tears streaming down his face telling the Jedi Master that his friend is already gone.  After a breath, Mace began to do what had to be done…..

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