‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 5: Blood Fever (Part 1)

Friday.  What an end of the week it has been.  I did a  whole mess load of things today and I found out so much more information.  I guess you could say that in many ways, today was a day of overload for me.  It started this morning and continued to be a day of overload until I got into Rochester this evening.  Somehow I managed to make it there safely.  But, let’s talk about our day first.  I woke up this morning and got last minute things together.  Austin was running on cloud nine.  He couldn’t believe we were going to meet a Star Wars author tomorrow and he was even more excited at the fact that he would be getting into his costume again.  So, I managed to get him calmed down enough to at least get him ready for school.  The kids were good about getting ready for school and I prepped them for the weekend and told the girls that I would not see them after tonight for about five minutes until Austin and I get home on Sunday afternoon.  They understood, but they both were going to miss me.

We got ourselves ready and the kids headed off to school and I headed off to work.  Today was the last day to do some aspects of my classroom.  For example, my first period class finished filming for their music videos, which they were happy about.  My sixth grade classes had their last opportunity to watch American Idol Season 7 today.  My other classes had their last chance to practice keyboard before the final exam.  Next week, I will have two days to get my students ready for the final exams and then I will be giving the final on the last three days of the week for the end of the quarter.  School went okay with relatively few problems.  I had some issues about microphones I need for the musical, but it’s something that I won’t get into on this blog.  I’ll simply say that the same frustrations that I had as a marching band director came out again today.  It really makes me wonder if we really are here for the kids or not at moments in time. 

Anyway, my school day ended and I vented to the director of the musical and we then went in and worked on a whole bunch of things for the musical.  We put up all the set back drops and basically got the set put up today.  It was quite a task, but for the most part it’s done.  Other things need to be done and the set needs to be stabilized a little bit, but it’s safe for the students and that’s what’s most important.  While I was here, Heather brought something to drink to me and talked to me a little bit before I had to leave here.  I got done working with everyone here and then I headed on over to Roosevelt school.

I met Jim and the SMASH members there and we sat down and ate a dinner of some pizza and water and talked about our performance for tonight.  We worked out some aspects of the show and did a little bit of practicing before the audience began to trickle in.

SMASH performed for quite a crowd tonight.  Although, we usually get quite the crowd at Roosevelt.  I think the PTSA probably did pretty well on their fundraiser and I have to say that our performance tonight was one of the best we’ve done since I’ve joined the group.  It has me excited about the prospects of getting things done to potentially join a T.V. show that we’re looking into for the group.  Let’s just say that our group has “Got Talent” and I think you’ll all figure it out.  Well, we had a good concert and I got done and I had to boogie out of there.  As a surprise, Heather came to watch the concert with my kids and they enjoyed their time as well.  I did have to get upset with my son as we were trying to leave as he decided he knew the way to the car and didn’t follow us and got himself lost in the school.  I had to do my “fatherly yell” for my son and I got some dirty looks from people there.  But hey, I’m a father and it’s my right to yell at my son if I feel he needs to be yelled at.  You may not agree, but that’s what makes me a parent.  So, we finally got my son and b-lined our way out of there.

We got back to the house and we unloaded my car of all of my stuff from the day today.  That included tools and other various thinks I used and the instruments and my SMASH bag.  Then I loaded up my armor trunks and my suit cases for the trip to Rochester.  It took us a little time and by the time I got loaded up and got going it was about nine o’clock.  I called my parents on the road to let them know I was on my way and I had to leave a message as they were at a meeting for their church, which I totally understood.  So, I decided that since I was on my way to Rochester and I had time to kill on my way there, I could call my buddy Josh.  He had called earlier this week, but I just didn’t have time to call him back.  So, I called Josh and found out that the other day when he talked to my wife, he wanted to, but didn’t tell her that he and Joann had their child.  Her name is Lilly and they had her about two weeks ago.  I feel guilty that I didn’t know and Josh commented about how I obviously don’t read Scott’s blog anymore and I told him that if I don’t have time to call him, then I obviously don’t have time to read Scott’s blog.  Heck, I have a hard enough time trying to keep up with this particular blog.  We talked for a little bit, but he had to go as Lilly finally fell asleep for a while, which I totally understand.  I got done talking with Josh and decided to talk to my buddy Charles.

I couldn’t get ahold of Charles at first.  Charles is a friend of mine from the Binghamton FanForce that now lives in Rochester because he’s going to MCC for college to become a social studies teacher.  Anyway, I left Charles a message and then called my parents again.  This time I got ahold of my mom and she told me that my brother has had quite the week.  Evidently he’s had two students of his die in one week.  He’s not feeling great about himself and I guess the whole school is in mourning.  She said I should try to call him when I can, and I said I understood.  I no more than got off the phone with my mom and my wife called and talked to me a little bit about her day and to just talk for a little bit.  I then got a phone call from Charles and we talked for a while.  Charles then told me that one of our friends is going through some problems at home and that things are getting worse instead of better.  We talked for a while about this friend who is a member of the the Binghamton FanForce and the more we talked, the more I realized that I had no idea what was going on in my friends’ life.  I felt horrible and wished there was something I could do, but it just appears that I can’t.  I don’t like that feeling.  Anyway, I did convince Charles to join me at the event for Timothy Zahn tomorrow and he’s going to bring his wife and hang out with me and my son for a while.  I no more than go off the phone with Charles until I was at the Rochester exit off of the Thruway and driving on 490 toward y parents’ house.  Austin and I got there around eleven-thirty.  Not bad timing considering we had left at nine o’clock.  Austin went right to bed and I stayed up a little bit and talked to my parents.  Tomorrow was going to be another long one.  I had the Zahn event and I wanted to go to Nick Tahoes and get a Garbage Plate and I wanted to visit with Josh, Joann, and Lilly for a little bit too.  It will be a fun, but long weekend!
Okay, so let’s talk about one of my non-Zahn books.  Let’s cover Part 1 of Chapter 5 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 5 (Part 1):  The gunship got closer with it’s fire ad flame as the grasser leaped from rock to rock avoiding the ship.  Nck swore to himself as he tried to hold unto the bucking grasser for dear life.  Mace used The Force to help decipher the path of the gunship to try and alter the path of the grasser.  He jammed his arm into the grasser’s muscles which made it lep to miss two shots of fire and flame.  It did manage to catch some of the grasser’s fur on fire, but Mace used The Force to fan the flames with air.  By this point, Mace and Nick were choking on the flames of the burning chemicals as they watched Chalk use her grasser as a shield.  As their grasser continued to move, Mace pulled a hypo out of their stolen medkit and jammed it into Nick’s back as it sprayed both of them.  Mace explained that it was a gas binder and would keep them conscious.  Nick pointed out that this would keep them awak while they’re burned to death!  As Chalk’s grasser yelped in pain, it threw her several meters as her akk cried out sharing in her pain.  The gunship turned around for another pass as Mace used The Force to search for some sort of Shatterpoint, and that’s when he realized that it was the akk dogs, they grew up near the volcanoes and were impervious to flame attacks…..


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