‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 4: The Summertime War (Part 12)

April First.  April Fools Day and I have to say that this morning really turned into being a joke of sorts.  I woke up and went to get the kids ready for school.  I woke up Tara and went and got a shower and by the time I went back to her room, Tara hadn’t even gotten dressed yet!  I had to get on her about getting ready for school on time.  It was hard, but we eventually got Tara caught up for the day.  I was happy to be off to school, but I knew today was going to be long as it was going to be the first full day of Tech Rehearsal and I knew it was going to be interesting to see how my tech crew was going to react and how many of my students would really stick with it.  Not only that, but it’s really going to be a long week this week.  I have SMASH tomorrow night to have to worry about, and a SMASH concert on Friday and after that SMASH Concert, I’m going to go home and pick up my son and then head off to Rochester.  I guess you could say, “so much for my social life”.
I got to school today and got things ready for my last full week of instruction with my students.  Next week they will be doing review and taking their final exams.  I can’t believe that this quarter is almost over.  Anyway, this morning I had a goof pulled on me and I almost bought into it and then I joined in on it.  This morning I went to the Mandalorian Mercs boards as I always do and my Alor, Tigris Falco, made a post stating that he was quiting the Mercs.  Well, Tigris hasn’t been himself lately and I freaked out.  I PMed our leader and let him know about the post and asked if it was an April Fool’s prank or if it was for real.  He said if it was a prank, he was unaware.  Then I noticed that Tigris wrote “Lirpa Loof” at the end of the post.  So, I figured I’m a smart guy and I googled Lirpa Loof.  I ended up on Wikipedia and discovered that Lirpa Loof is April Fools backwards.  Duh!  Next thing I know, there were others joining in on the fun, so I decided to “step down” as Clan Administrator and there was a lot of fun to be had on the boards.  This gave me a great idea.  I pulled some April Fools jokes on my students.  It was really easy, actually.  I told them to turn to a workbook page that didn’t exist in their books and told them to hurry up and turn to the page.  I would have them a little frustrated until I would look at them all and say, “April Fools!” and everyone would laugh!  It was fun.
I tried to make the tech rehearsal fun after school as well today.  We had some fun but there are those on the crew that I’m not sure they’ll make it until the end.  We’ll have to see and I hope some of them prove me wrong.  Some members of the crew were shocked that the rehearsal was going on until five o’clock and I tried to tell them that I explained this all to them yesterday.  Some individuals worked their problems out with their parents and a ride, but I reminded them that they need to check the schedule.  We got done with rehearsal and I went home.  I walked in the door and Heather had dinner on the table and we all ate dinner together.  I then went downstairs and worked on some things, including trying to catch up on grading papers.  I need to send home two-week reports this Friday and I need to make sure that I get all of my students’ grades caught back up so I can fill them out properly.  I watched some T.V. while I worked.  Tomorrow was going to be another interesting day.  I’m going to go from school to tech rehearsal to SMASH rehearsal to home.  Which means I won’t get home until six-thirty, going on seven o’clock.  It will be a busy day.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 12 of Chapter 4 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 4 (Part 12):  It was day now and the rain thundered in the forest.  Mace was soaked to the bone despite waterproof clothing.  He wasn’t worried about the wet weather as he and his clothes would dry.  But he was concerned about visibility as he could only see a few meters in front of him from the force of the water.  They soon ran acrossed seven corpses hanging upside down from trees above them.  They had been up there for a while as the scavenger animals of the forest had already started to take their toll on them.  Mace assumed they were human.  Nick asked if this was what he sensed and Mace shook his head yes as he noted the feeling of murder around him.  This place was filled with the Dark Side.  Nick said they’ve seen it now, so he suggested they mount up and leave.  Mace asked if the bodies were Balawai and Nick said he didn’t know.  Then Mace asked if they were Korunnai and Nick asked where he was heading with this line of thinking.  Mace said they should bury the bodies, but Nick insisted they were going to leave.  Mace suggested they cut down the bodies and burn them and Nick said that’s a great Jedi joke.  Mace said they can’t just leave them fro scavengers and Nick said that’s exactly what they’ll do!  He explained that if the bodies are Korunnai it will give the next Balawai patrol a giant “we were here” sign.  Then he said if they are Balawai bodies then they deserve to rot!…..


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