‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 4: The Summertime War (Part 11)

Monday.  I felt like total crap today getting out of bed, but it was interesting to wake up to an open kitchen and living room area.  I got up and got the kids going for the day and I went and got my shower.  I got out of the shower and the kids and I got going for our usual day.  I headed off to work and the kids headed off to school.  All in all, it was a relatively easy day for the start of the day.

I got to school and got things set up for my day.  I realized that my students are so far behind and I have so little time with them to get them caught back up.  I really am under the gun in those regards.  I had a decent day with my students.  I will say that it’s hard to believe that this quarter is really starting to wind down and things are really going to be changing towards the spring months.  So far, the weather doesn’t want to cooperate, however.  It’s cold and I had snow on my car again this morning.  You know, I’m a big proponent of winter weather and now I have to say that I’m officially sick of winter and wish it would go away.  Anyone who knows me, knows it’s a shock to hear me say that.  So, I made it through my day today and put an announcement in about the meeting we had after school just to see who would remember and who wouldn’t.

My first tech club meeting didn’t go too bad.  Quite honestly, it went better than I thought it would go considering the number of kids that I have involved in the group as of right now.  However, I have the feeling as in years past, the numbers will diminish and I will be back down to my skeleton crew of people yet again.  I don’t know why I sound so pessimistic, but I just feel that way all around.   I think it comes from years and years of “oh yeah, that won’t be a problem” and then suddenly I have three students to work with and a bunch that have joined track and other events that they think are appealing.  It wasn’t a bad first tech rehearsal quite honestly and I have hopes that things will work out.

I got done with tech club and came home and joined Heather for dinner.  I wasn’t home for long until I had to run out to Boy Scouts with Austin.  It was a nice evening with our leader and it seems like our leader has a course of action and we’re sticking with it which really makes Scouts easier now.  We got done with Scouts and came home and I did some grading with papers while we watched our usual T.V. Shows which are now starting to not be reruns anymore.  So, we watched “Big Bang Theory”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “Two and a Half Men”, “The New Adventures of Old Christine”, and “C.S.I. Miami”.  It was a busy day but I was exhausted by the time the day was over.  I hope that I start to feel better soon!
Okay, let’s talk about Part 11 of Chapter 4 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 4 (Part 11):  From the Private Journals of Mace Windu – I’ve read about war in the Jedi Archives and there are countless stories about soldiers fighting for some sort of purpose.  For the Korunnai this was not the case as they’ve never known any other life other than war.  It’s much like a death hollow, that’s a low valley portion of land where toxic gases can pool in one spot from the volcanoes.  Some of the foliage thrives on these gases and the bodies of many animals lay on the ground near these death hollows, lured by the existence of plant life, but killed by the toxic levels of the gas.  Mace said something to Nick about this and Nick said this is just the way the jungle works.  I have noticed that Nick refers to the jungle as something like a creature and he treats it as such.  The jungle becomes a creature and if you begin to trust it too much, you die.  He told me the lesson I need to learn is that everything in this jungle dies, accept it and live your life!  In many ways, that describes this war.  There is a vast undescribable darkness and I can no longer trust my guide…..


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