‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 4: The Summertime War (Part 9)

Saturday and I’m exhausted today!  But, looking back on it all, it was all worth the amount of work that went on today.  We actually got a chance to sleep in a little today as Heather and I got a phone call around seven o’clock this morning to let us know that our in-laws were on their way.  I started to move some things around the house to get ready for the move, including moving the kitchen table and chairs out to the garage and moved other things around the house to make things go smoother when my in-laws get here.  Heather went out to Dunkin Donuts while put on some coffee for everyone.

My in-laws showed up not too long after Heather got home and we got to work right away.  We managed to get the stairs that were pre-fabbed into the house and into the basement and started to prep the basement to cut a hole in the floor.  There was a plan of action that I was a little unsure of, but I have to say that watching my father in-law was fascinating.  He really knows his trade and really built us some beautiful stairs!  He worked hard most of the morning and Heather and I kind of acted like “gophers” and we went and got things for my father in-law when he needed them.

He worked hard all morning and by the beginning of the afternoon, there was a nice hole in the floor.  So, we decided to take the next step and get things together to put the stairs in.  That was the hard part.  Getting the stairs in, leveling them. And then getting to two pieces connected to each other and making sure it all worked.  It was quite the experience and I had to help my father in-law lift the stairs and the lower stairs and get them all into place.  It was an interesting experience.  We got it done and then managed to secure the stairs.  Then my father in-law went to town cutting a hole in the one wall and putting up another.  A lot of work was done throughout the day today, including covering the hole of the other stairs.  There is still more work to be done, which we managed to schedule a time at the end of April to get done, but my house feels like a completely new place.  We got pizza and wings for dinner from Bella’s Pizzeria and we all sat down and ate some dinner together and then my in-laws took off and my wife and I spent the rest of the night working on cleaning up our house.  I’ve pretty much given up on having a clean house until sometime in August.  I just know that’s how it’s going to be and I’ve simply accepted it.  We were so tired after this, we went to bed and decided tonight that we were not going to church tomorrow as there was just too much that needs to be done before the work week this coming week.
Okay, so let’s talk about Part 9 of Chapter 4 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 4 (Part 9):  Nick didn’t know when it began, but he noted that the Korunnai maintained the balance of nature in the jungle, while the Balawai upset that balance.  That’s why they’ve been at odds for over thirty years.  Nick speculated that they destroyed the herd of a ghosh on some drunken bender, and when the ghosh got no satisfaction from local law, then he might as well go on a hunt of his own.  These kinds of attacks and counter raids had been going on and off for decades now.  The Korun were forced to use crude weapons, mounted beasts, and were even forced to use their connection to The Force to communicate with one another.  Each year, around summer, as the winter acid rains had dissapaited, the Korunnai and Balawai would again fight and counter fight till the next fall rains came along.  Mace had now realized that Depa found a guerilla army instead of having to create one.  Nick said this Galactic Civil War didn’t mean anything to them till the Seperatists gave weapons and vehicles to the Balawai instead of making them pay for them.  Nick said it’s fun, but Mace said there’s no score, Nick said they use the body count as a score.  Nick said they have to try and make it fun so their anger doesn’t tear them up inside.  Mace said the Jedi have a name for that.  It’s the Dark Side……


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