“Novel Ideas #6”

It’s Maundy Thursday and the first day of vacation for me.  I have so much planned for this vacation and quite honestly, so little time under which to get it done.  I wish my life had more time in it period, but it just doesn’t seem to be in the cards for some reason.  I got up around nine o’clock or so this morning to watch Dr. Phil.  I went downstairs and watched the show while the kids watched some Disney T.V. upstairs this morning.  I had several goals in mind for the day today.  First, I wanted to get my podcast for “Novel Ideas” finished and published today.  Second, I wanted to get the PVC pipe done (painted and what-not) for my water bladder for my Mandalorian communications backpack.  Third, I wanted to start the notes for my next podcast, “The Jedi Council Speaks” that is due on April 1st.  Fourth, I wanted to knock down some studs upstairs for our stair moving next week when my father in-law comes up to do all of that.  So, I didn’t have too lofty of a goal for this day, especially considering I’m supposed to go play minis at Fat Cats starting at three today and then sit down with Ian to discuss how we’ll be handling the podcast in the future (there will be a special announcement about this in the next episode).  It was going to be a long day.

I decided while Dr. Phil was going on, I would continue to edit my “Novel Ideas” show.  I edited, and edited, and edited.  I finally got all of the editing done by about noon today.  I didn’t realize that the editing process would take so long.  But, the original take on the show was going to last over five hours and I did not want a podcast that was that long about a book.  So, after massive amounts of editing I think I actually got it under four hours which was a stretch for me!  I finished with editing and went upstairs and got some lunch.  During lunch, I got a text message from my wife letting me know that Wendy’s was getting slammed and that she would not be at home on time, so I was more than likely going to be late to mini gaming.  That’s okay, I would just try to make it over there as fast as possible.  I continued to do things around the house, including finishing painting the PVC tube for my backpack and getting a few studs loose on the walls upstairs.  Before I knew it, it was two o’clock and time for me to get ready to go out the door for mini gaming.  I took a shower and got myself ready to go and Heather showed up at home.  We pretty much exchanged some “I love you’s” and some money and I was out the door off to Fat Cat books.  I felt bad and we talked on cell phones while I was on my way and I guess she had a really bad day at work.  Didn’t make me feel any better about having to leave her behind with the kids.

I got to Fat Cats late and I felt bad about it, but the guys there were understanding.  I went back and got myself a new pack of minis and then went over and joined Allen and Ian for a game.  Ian had to leave early, so our dinner was out and he decided not to play the game.  While we were there, a guy came up and talked to us (thanks to some prodding from Tawna) and we convinced him to join us at our next meeting at Barnes and Nobles.  And the Binghamton FanForce group grows, yet again!  We got done with that and then we decided (Allen and I) to play a game.  We had fun, but he kicked my royal arse!!  He used Mandalore and I have to say that he’s pretty impossible to play against.  I got smacked pretty hard and it was pretty bad.  The game didn’t last long and Allen and I just did not have enough time to play again.  Especially when I found out that Heather was at home not feeling so well.  We got done with our games and left Fat Cat Books and I asked Heather what she wanted to do for dinner.  We decided to meet each other at Cracker Barrell and have dinner there.  The kids loved it and I have to say it was nice to have a nice sit down meal with the family.  While we were there, we managed to find some things for Easter.  We found Ruth a Webkinz World stuffed animal that she could use to play an online game with and we found Tara a Hello Kitty t-shirt as well in their shop.  I told Heather tomorrow I would get Austin some Star Wars figures at Wal Mart while we were there.

We got done with dinner and headed home.  Heather didn’t feel so well, so I tried to help nurse her back to health and I managed to get “Novel Ideas #6” out finally at my “My Podcast” page and I hope to get it out to my Novel Ideas page later this weekend, should it all work out as I planned.  What a day!  And tomorrow I will have to continue to work on those big plans of mine and add to them somehow.
Okay, as I’ve said before, on nights that I have a podcast coming out, I’ll forgo talking about a Star Wars book and will instead encourage you to check out the latest podcast.  So, click on the MyPodcast link above and take a moment and download “Novel Ideas #6”.  Or, head on over to http://www.novelideas.podomatic.com and give it a listen!  A lot of effort has gone into this episode, so please listen and enjoy!  Thanks.


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