‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 3: Jungle to Jungle (Part 5)

It’s Saturday and it’s the weekend.  You would think that makes things easier, but in some ways it doesn’t.  We had to stop deconstruction of my house this weekend and I had to stay up real late last night in order to get the next episode of “Novel Ideas” done before my parents came and even then, I’m still going to have to go downstairs during some point this coming weekend and record some more to make sure that I get all the segments done.  My parents got here around nine o’clock this morning, and honestly we expected to have another two to three hours before my parents got here, but I expected them to be here early.  Once my parents got here, my kids got completely nuts and chaotic.  Way too much energy!  Tara had enough energy to power a small city.  It was unbelievable!  They got a chance to get their
Easter dresses and Austin got some nice Easter dress clothes and I have to say the kids will look nice for Palm Sunday tomorrow and for Easter Sunday next week.  I can’t believe it’s already here and for some reason, it just seems really early this year, and then I found out on the Internet that it is extremely early this year.  Anyway, we sat around and talked for a little bit and Heather said she needed to go and get some things for the house at Wal Mart.  My mother then chimed in and said she HAD to buy the kids new shoes.  Of course, for those of you who don’t know my mother, she has a little obsession about shoes and it has rubbed off onto my kids.  So, before I knew it, dad and I were left in the house alone while the ladies went shopping.
We sat around and talked for a while and I told him about how my job was going as well as talking about polotics and other things going on in the world.  The kids got lunch and played around with us a little while we were talking.  Not too long after lunch, the ladies came home and I helped to unload the car and helped gramma with all the stuff she had.  My wife managed to get me some more figures to take apart so I could use their UPC’s for the Clone Trooper send away offer.  It kills me to open packages of Star Wars figures just to put them on display in the basement, but all well, I guess I would have to at some point in time anyway.  Everyone decided to take an afternoon nap since we had a hockey game to go to tonight and I went downstairs and recorded for my podcast.  I got done and it was time to get ready to go for the evening.  My wife had decided that we would go to IHOP for dinner, which was a great idea!  We all got ready and left and on our way to Vestal to my wife realized she forgot the tickets.  So, I told her to eat dinner and then take one of our children and go back to the house quick and we’ll meet at the stadium.  We had a very nice dinner and we ended up paying for all of it, which drove my mother and father completely nuts because they hate it when we pay for them.  But reality is that my father is retiring in a few months and we want them to know that we are on our own two feet and can now afford to take care of them every once in a while.  We got done with dinner and Heather headed to our house with Tara who needed to change clothes because she decided to wear more of the dinner than eat it. 
While Heather went to our house, I had dad drop mom off by the front doors of the stadium with Ruth and told Ruth to stay with Gramma until we got back from the parking garage.  Dad and I had to do an elaborate turn around because of all the one way’s in Binghamton and we got back to the parking garage and I got a call from Heather on my cell and found out she wasn’t too far away, so we waited for her there.  We all then headed over and picked up grandma and Ruth and headed into the stadium together.  Our seats weren’t all together because of a mix up at the Boy Scout office, but it was okay, because all the females sat together and all the males sat together.  It was an interesting game, especially considering it was against the Rochester Americans.  The Amercs didn’t look too good, but we should have beat them easily and the game ended up having to go into over time just for the B Sens to win within three seconds after the overtime.  It was a good game, but a long one.  We got done and headed home.  The kids went to bed and the parents weren’t too long after as we all had a long day ahead of us tomorrow.
Okay, so let’s talk about Part 5 of Chapter 3 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 3:  Jungle to Jungle (Part 5):  Mace knew he was in even more physical danger considering where he was and the company he was keeping.  He asked if they could talk in Basic as this alien language was getting old, but Chalk reminded him that to them Basic was foreign.  So Mace simply said they will speak Basic in his presence and Nick said he’s getting awfully demanding.  No murdering, no looting, speaking Basic; Nick asked what would happne if they didn’t.  Mace insisted that he was in charge.  The others in the craft began to sneer and laugh and Mace asked if they doubted his abilities.  Nick said hey wouldn’t bore him by talking about chain of command with him.  Mace said there are simple facts, like Depa sent them to come get Mace.  They argue with Mace, but the Jedi is inisistent until Nick reveals that Depa does not give orders, but tells you what she thinks you should do…..

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