‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 2: Capital Crimes (Part 12)

Monday and the beginning to my insane work week.  Heather and I talked this morning about our day via texting and that’s when I realized I had double booked tonight as well.  Tonight I was suppose to go with Austin to Boy Scouts at the High School for a physical fitness badge, but I also had a performance at the mall with the kids from East.  So, I told Heather she’ll have to take Austin to Boy Scouts tonight.  And that’s how my week began.  I hit the ground running and I only hope I can make it through the week.  The kids and I got up on time this morning and got ourselves ready.  We were pretty good about it all and I have to say it’s starting to become more and more routine.  We headed out the door on time as they were off to school and I was off to work.

I got into work and immediately ran into a firestorm.  Evidently Jim had sent the email to my department chair about missing our Department Meeting and she did not like our response.  She then basically said we had to be there.  So Jim said we would go and leave early and tried to get an okay from our chair to do that, but she wouldn’t say yes or no.  She also scolded me for not speaking for myself, but I tried to explain to her that I’m an assistant and therefore I am following the chain of command set in place by our group.  By the end of the day, I believe we had the issue settled, but there were some rather rude emails exchanged in the foray.  I also had to go to an MYP meeting today and I also had a chance to meet up with Jessica again who had a friend that donated some games to Austin which I thought was so nice (she felt bad that she had girl toys to give to my girls over the weekend, but nothing to give to Austin).  So I had those to come home with.

I got done with my day with my students who worked hard and got home and tried to relax a little before the concert tonight.  Heather said she wasn’t in the mood to cook and said she really wanted Chinese for dinner.  I told her that was fine and to order it and I’ll go and pick it up.  After a little while, the kids came home and I told Austin to get the stuff out of the trunk of my car.  He was really excited about what I had and I have to say we had to drag him away from it to go to his boy Scout meeting tonight.  I left with Tara and we went out and picked up the Chinese and went to come home when I heard the big shocking news of the day!  Elliot Spitzer (the ONLY Democrat I’ve ever voted for!) was caught in a sex scandal where it was discovered that he had hired a prostitute while visiting in Washington, D.C.  Now, if that weren’t enough, he had money wired to an offshore account to pay for the transaction.  WHAT A SCUM OUR GOVERNOR HAS TURNED OUT TO BE!!! WHAT A HYPOCRIT!!!  I can’t believe that this is the same Elliot Spitzer that would attack companies like this.  Doesn’t this just go to show how corrupt the Democrats really are?  How messed up is my state?  We have Hillary Clinton as a Senator and now Elliot Spitzer as Governor.  Why don’t we just hire Jo Jo the Circus Clown as our Speaker of the House?  That would just make the circuit complete!  Anyway, I changed the T.V. to the news when we got home and Heather and I watched while we ate dinner.  I told Heather that I feel sorry for his wife and their children who now have to go through all of this so publicly.  Besides, I told her if the shoes were on the other foot, I wouldn’t have any balls right now because my wife would have kicked them into Montana and back again!

We got done with dinner and Austin headed off Boy Scouts.  Just before he was about to leave, I got a frantic phone call from one of the parents of a trumpet player at East.  Apparently, the student left his trumpet on the bus and didn’t have it for tonight’s performance.  So, I called Rob and got no answer, so we tried to call the bus garage, but they said they couldn’t give me the trumpet as I had no proof it was ours (makes logical sense to me, they have to protect themselves).  Just before Heather left, Rob called back and I told him of the situation and said the truck driver could just pick up an extra instrument at school and Rob said that was a good idea.  Shortly after our conversation, I left for the concert at the mall.  Once I got there, things went fairly smooth.  Little to no problems and the kids were well behaved.  They performed well at the concert and once again did East Middle school proud!  We got done with the concert and I helped pack up the truck and then headed home.  I got home and Heather had told me (which she forgot to earlier) that she was sent home early with a doctor’s note from work today and on top of that, she has an interview at the Corporate office for Wendy’s in Cortland tomorrow and she got a phone call today about it.  She also showed me that my Star Wars Minis came today (the rest of Omega Squad) and so did my percussion gloves.  We went downstairs and watched a little bit of T.V. before heading off to bed.  Tomorrow was going to be another busy day. 
Okay, so let’s talk about Part 12 of Chapter 2 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint:  A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 2:  Capital Crimes (Part 12):  Before his assailants could react, Mace deflected the blaster fire of  his partner, while using The Force to levitate the object.  Once he dispateched with the partner, the blaster shot down the speeder bike behind and to the left of Mace’s head.  As his blaster fire now rang out, Mace jumped from wall to wall, leap frogging to the roof tops avoiding the affects of the Nytinite gases and he got tot he roof where people were already there.  Two men lay conceiled by folded up tarps.  He wasn’t sure why they were here, but as he landed, the other speeder pilot fired at him and then landed a grenade at his feet.  He used The Force and pushed the grenade away before it could explode and he did a mid-air spiral dive away from the blast zone.  That’s when he realized the cannon holes gave him perfect access to the building itself.  As more blaster fire dround up the tile near the chimney he was standing near, a man shouted “Happy Name Day” to him as the blue-eyed stranger came out from behind the tarp and threw a lightsaber at him, Depa’s lightsaber.  He used The Force and brought the lightsaber into his palm and he suddenly had a sense of her presence.  He lit up the lightsaber and the fight lasted all of five seconds.  He deflected shots from the speeder bike back at the object as his two strangers now fired slug throwers at the enemies in the alley below.  Two more Korunnai stood up on an opposing roof top and showered the alley with powerful blaster fire.  As the other bike tried to get away, he was caught with blaster fire and slammed his speeder bike into a building.  The smiling friend told Mace that this little skirmish was fun.  Mace asked who he was and he said he’s the guy who saved Mace’s skin.  He told Mace they need to go before the militia shows up and Mace looked at the damage and said he’s worried about the innocent bystanders.  Smiley told him to get going and Mace asked what he was doing with the lightsaber in his hands and Smiley said to think of them as credentials.


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