‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 2: Capital Crimes (Part 10)

Saturday.  For most it would be a day of rest, but not for my family.  We got up this morning around nine o’clock or so and my wife looked like the living dead and so did my oldest daughter.  I feel bad for both of them and don’t know what to do for either of them.  Heather’s lost her voice and Ruth’s is about to go at any moment.  We got ourselves going very slowly this morning and got out the door.  We first went to C.V.S. and picked up as many drugs as we could for the women in my life.  We got all sorts of anti-itchy eye, throat, and anti-post nasal drip medication that I think we bought out the store.  We also bought a TON of cough drops and other things to relieve the pain my wife is feeling in her throat.  We even got those Cepacol strips that melt in your mouth when you use them.  We got done at C.V.S. and then headed on our way out to Johnson City.  There, we stopped at Aldi’s and got some more DVD-R’s for my classroom.  We then headed out to Endicott to meet Jessica and her husband at her father’s house.

Of course, we had to leave early again because the girls had to go to the bathroom and had to come back.  Jessica and her husband were nice enough to loan us their trailer and help us move the furniture to our house.  We had cleared out the garage and they helped us transport the furniture from Endicott to our garage under the cover of tarp as it was raining.  We got everything offloaded into the garage and we gave them a quick tour of the house and they had to be on their way.  Once they left, Ruth and Heather collapsed in their rooms and took long naps again.  I went downstairs and began more work on costumes.  I got quite a bit done and then was able to record some segments for “Novel Ideas” but I have massive amounts of editing to do and it’s not even a quarter of the way done.  By the time I finished with that, I went upstairs to find my wife cooking dinner.  I was shocked she was even working on dinner but she said she needed to get up and do something.  We had kielbasa and baked potatoes for dinner and we got finished and the kids cleaned up.  Heather and I went downstairs and watched some shows a little bit and I recorded some more.  Around ten o’clock Heather headed upstairs to bed and told me she was not going to be able to go to church and neither was Ruth.  So, I told her that was okay and that I would just go to my Binghamton FanForce meeting myself and they could stay home and rest.  After she went to bed, I watched the movie “Hot Fuzz”, which was hysterical and then went to bed myself.  I almost forgot to reset the clocks ahead an hour until I noticed that the clock on the Cable Box had already done so.
Okay, so let’s talk about Part 10 of Chapter 2 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 2:  Capital Crimes (Part 10):  As Mace crouched in the corner, he noticed hsi lightsaber was fading and then suddenly went blank.  He knew his lightsaber was not out of charge and he now realized that Geptun had done something to it, which meant he was not as dumb as Mace once thought.  A male voice spoke to Mace referring to him as “Jedi” and told him that no one needs to be injured in his capture.  He let Mace know that they were prepared to use glop, Nytinite, and even stun nets.  They hadn’t used any and Mace was able to deduce that these men were mercenaries and they were giving him time to think, which he knew they would reject.  Then the voice told him to look up and h saw two speeder bikes come into view overhead.  Their blasters were trained on himm and then he ralized that his attackers wanted him alive.  A blast from one of the bike’s shattered a piece of the building above him and pieces shattered a piece of the building above him and pieces shattered on top of him.  He dove away, but not before he got cut.  He dove behind a trash bin and one of the bikes crushed the bin into his body.  Mace reflected upon Haruun Kal, quickly, and he realized that since he’s been here, he’s had a lot happen to him.  Mace said he gives up and held his hands up as he got out from behind the garbage bins…..

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