‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 2: Capital Crimes (Part 4)

The day after my anniversary and I feel like a ten ton truck had rolled over me at least a few times.  We went to wake up for church this morning and I felt like total trash.  I had aches and pains all over my body.  To the point that I had to take some Ibuprofen just to get rid of the pain.  I woke up with a sore throat, upset stomach, pain all over, a headache, and diarrhea.  Not the way to start a day!  I decided to not go to church as I would be no good to my wife or the kids and the last time I went to church under these conditions, I ended up getting sick at church.  So, we stayed home and I slept in and got some time to try and recoup before the work week started.  I wasn’t feeling well, though and I have to say that I was exhausted.  For whatever reason, this particular illness really sucks the energy right out of me.

I had so much energy sucked out of me that I actually didn’t get up out of bed till eleven o’clock and that is just not normal for me.  I headed downstairs and worked on some things, but mainly worked on putting some things away and cleaning up my shop a little.  I was just so exhausted.  I had plans to get caught up on my blog and some work on my computer, but I was just so tired, I didn’t get around to it.  I was able to work on some of my notes for my next “Novel Ideas” segment, but didn’t get a chance to do much else.  I’m bummed as I had big plans for today, but wasn’t able to get it done.  I took a long nap this afternoon and soon after I watched the race on T.V. for Nascar at Las Vegas.  It was an interesting race and it started late in the afternoon, so it led right into the evening shows and Heather joined me for “Big Brother” and then went off and watched “Cold Case” while I watched “Family Guy” and watched “The Simpson” I taped from before.  We got done watching our shows and went to bed early.  She had to get up early and I wanted to make sure I go enough sleep to make it through the day tomorrow.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 2 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 2:  Capital Crimes (Part 4):  Then Geptun said that Mace’s description matches that of a cultural alien that broke the bones of his two best militia men.  Mace said he was sorry that those two were his best.  Then Geptun deduced that Mace was not here to attack the peace officers, but to research info on another Jedi, maybe one who is murdering a whole bunch of civilians.  Windu asked what if.  Geptun said they’ve been huntin this other Jedi so long they put a price on her head.  He said that if someone were to take care of his initial Jedi problem, he said he may forget the reward associated with it.  Mace said he saw, and Geptun said he was still undecided.  Geptun said he was a hard man to talk to and Windu didn’t reply again.  Geptun said he’s on the edge, he could use the reward money, but more importantly, he would like to see his Jedi problem taken care of.  He said he needs reassurancesand Mace asked how much.  Geptun said ten thousand, but Mace counter-offered four thousand.  Geptun got mad and threatened to keep Mace around for a long time, so Mace lowered his offer to thirty-five hundred.  Geptun got mad and said he’s at least worth haggling with and Mace lowered to thirty-two fifty.  Then three-thousand.  He agreed to three-thousand saying it would go far in these wartorn times…..


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