‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 2: Capital Crimes (Part 3)

Today is the first day of March.  It is a Saturday and in Binghamton, it was the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  Well, I have to say that I did not participate in the parade this year.  That was okay with me as I had so much else to do, that I kind of needed the morning anyway.  Heather and I both got up around nine o’clock this morning and told the kids to start folding some of the laundry we did last night.  Heather went downstairs and started sewing jackets for the seamstress she works for.  I started to work on the next episode of “Novel Ideas” when I ran acrossed some auditions for some online audio dramas.  I decided that I should try out for more of these, so I put my notes aside a minute and went through and recorded the auditions for the two projects.  Who knows if I’ll get any of the parts, but I thought it was worth the shot.  I got done with that and went right back to working on my notes for the next “Novel Ideas”.  The notes took longer than I thought they would.

I took a break for lunch and ate a very small lunch as I knew we would be going out for an extravagant dinner tonight.  Our babysitter was going to be here by four-thirty and I was going to need to take a shower and get dressed before then, so I was going to run out of time.  After lunch, I worked on my notes for the show another hour and then decided I should also work on my grades.  So, I sat down and started to watch some more of Season 9 of “Farscape” while I graded some papers and got them into my gradebook.  I no more than got done than I realized that it was about three o’clock and I needed to get ready to go.  I went upstairs and Heather had just gotten done taking a bath, so I took a shower as she got ready.  We were pretty close to being ready when our babysitter, a teacher friend of mine, showed up and we switched spots with our cars.  We gave Karen a fifty-cent tour of the house and then headed on our way.

Of course, I was a complete gentleman the entire night and insisted upon opening the doors for my wife.  We first went to Christie’s Steak House for dinner and I have to say it was a really nice local restaurant and the prices weren’t too high.  I got a nice New York Strip Steak that tasted wonderful and Heather got some fish that she liked so much that she ate all of it.  Our waitress was so nice, as she heard Heather and I talking about our eleventh anniversary, she brought us a piece of fudge brownie cake, on the house!  I thought that was a wonderful gesture.  We got done there and headed to the movie theater in Vestal.  We watched the movie “The Other Boelyn Girl”.  It wasn’t bad.  A little historically inaccurate, but of all the things I’ve seen about the Boelyn sisters in the past few years it’s the best.  It was a decent movie, but nothing I would write home about.  I was seriously hoping to see a trailer for the next Indiana Jones movie, but unfortunately I did not see it.  All well.  We got done with the movie and Heather wanted to try and pick up her photos at Wal Mart while we were in the plaza.  While we were in there, I picked up some Star Wars figures.  I found some great ones, including Jengo Fett, and Clone Commander Gree.  We then went home and relieved the babysitter and sent her home and put the kids to bed.  Tomorrow would be another day to get things done.
Okay, so let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 2 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 2:  Capital Crimes (Part 3):  Geptun spun the lightsaber on the table like a bottle and even though Mace could sense it with The Force, he let it spin.  The lightsaber stopped pointing at Mace and Geptun said he was “it” and Mace commented that Geptun is a Korun name.  Geptun says his grandfather came out of the jungle over seventy years ago, but it’s not discussed in polite society  and Mace sounded surprised that there even was a polite society.  Mace worried about how much Force Control that Geptun had and asked what he wanted of Mace.  Geptun said there are many options and said the Confederacy would pay dearly for a Jedi General.  But, Geptun says he is not political and there is something else that Windu can do for him.  Geptun said that Mace must be a very important Jedi to be found next to Flo and explained that he knew she was a chief of Republic Intelligence.  Geptun said she’d be touched by Mace’s grief, but that it was ironic that she was cut down almost as collateral damage.  Mace quipped back saying that if Geptun’s men hadn’t shot him, Flo may still be alive.  Geptun said if they didn’t shoot him, then they couldn’t enjoy each other’s company now and Windu said they’ll see…..


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