‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’- Chapter 2: Capital Crimes (Part 1)

Thursday and what a day!  This whole week has somehow seemed like a month and today just seemed to add to that concept by seeming that the day just did not seem to end.  I got up a little early this morning to get some things together for what would be happening at the end of the day today.  You see, I volunteered for a staff dodge ball tournament a while back and this afternoon is when it takes place.  So, while I was getting my gym clothes together, the kids helped me by organizing lunches and getting other things together for the school day.  I then took a shower and got ready for school and we all ate breakfast together in the dining room.  We got done and got our things together in the living room to get ready to be off to school.  Tara headed out and Ruth, Austin, and myself were soon after her.  They headed off to school and I headed off to work.

I got to work and got things set up for Music History for all my classes.  My eighth graders were learning about the Roaring 20’s (which the social studies teachers love because it goes right along with their curriculum this time of the year), my seventh graders are learning about Handel in the Baroque Period and my sixth graders are just getting out of the Renaissance and moving into the Baroque period.  It wasn’t too bad a day, but trying enough with some of my classes.  I got done with school at the end of the day and made a mad dash for a staff bathroom.

I got changed into my gym clothes and then got handed a blue handkerchief to put on my head to head to signify which team I was part of.  I headed into the gym and started to stretch and warm up the best I could.  The kids had a blast really getting all of us going and we had a blast acting like we were all that we knew we weren’t.  It was a ton of fun to talk trash to other teams knowing full well that we were all too old to be acting like this, but doing it anyway.  The tournament was intended to be a double elimination, which meant you had to loose twice to be out of the tournament.  Now, there were five teams and the gym coach was reffing the game.  He claimed we would play every team at least once.   I wasn’t quite sure how that would work out, and neither was anyone else, but we decided to try and go with the flow.  The balls were nerf balls (not the playground balls I was used to) and you couldn’t block a shot with another ball (like I had been used to).  So, there were some new rules to get used to, and because of that, we lost our first game.  After our first loss, my team sat down and talked strategy and came up with a game plan.  We went out and won our next game in a very short amount of time.  Cool, strategy worked.  Then we sat down for two games.  It was going to be three till I pointed out to the ref that we already sat out two.  We won our third game, and suddenly, there was a championship game, and we weren’t really done yet!  When I went to ask the gym teacher how this worked out, he offered his whistle to me and said if I wanted to run the game, it was all mine.  He was pretty rude considering he was a collegue and I walked away (which my dad should be proud of because for once, I didn’t pick a fight).  However, a teammate of mine went over to talk to him again and they got into a shouting match.  It ended pretty tensely and I have to say I didn’t want it to go down that way.  I went and shook the hands of the winning team members, but some of the team members had sour grapes about it all.

I went back into my room and put my pants on over my shorts and started to head out the door.  In the meantime, Heather had texted me, so I called her and we talked about dinner.  She wanted to eat at “Old Country Buffet” because the kids had Kids Eat Free coupons from church from this past week.  I said it made sense, so she drove out to Vestal and I met her there at Old Country Buffet and we had dinner together (which made sense with the way my son eats, he eats enough for two adults!).  We got done and Heather wanted to get some things from Wal Mart before going home, so we headed over to Wally World before going home.  We got home and the kids went right to bed while Heather and I went downstairs and watched our usual Thursday night line-up before going to bed.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 1 of Chapter 2 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 2:  Capital Crimes (Part 1):  Mace was now in a duracrete interrogation room that was four by three meters and chipped paint.  He was in a binder chair, clamped down by his hands and feet and was weighed down by a chest plate.  The room was lit only by one glowstrip and the door was behind him.  Where he had been hit by a bolt, his clothes were tattered and his skin was black and blue.  The bolt must have been set on stun and he knew, from the pain, that one bolt caught the side of his head as well.  He didn’t remember anything from getting shot until now.  He waited a long time and became thirsty as well as having an uneasy feeling in his bladder.  He reflected on the situation with Flor and assumed she was dead considering he coulnd’t hold her brachial artery after he got shot, so she would have bled out.  He kept replaying the events in his head.  The death got to him deep down to the point that he had chills.  He was bothered because he wasn’t responsible for her death.  He was even more bothered by the fact that he had no warning through The Force.  He began to wonder what happens when he can no longer trust The Force.  He wondered if this is what drove Depa into madness…..


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