‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 1: A Downward Spiral (Part 12)

Wednesday.  Okay, it was a busy day today and I have to say that I expected it from the beginning of the day, but it still took me by surprise in some way.  I woke up this morning finding out that the kids and I both had an hour delay for school today.  Looking outside, I was surprised it was only an hour delay and I kind of held my breath and thought that we’ll see at least a two-hour delay if not a cancellation of school.  But, unfortunately, it never came to be and it put us in a bit of a crunch when it came to shoveling out the driveway and making sure that everyone got off to school and work on time.  Somehow, we made it all happen and everyone got to where they needed to be at.

I got to school and prepared for a one hour delay.  Shorter periods which means I don’t have time to goof around.  I got right to work and did our usual Music Theory lessons with my students.  It’s been hard though, because my classes are all in different places with their work.  Some are ahead and some are behind because of students getting sent home early or odd schedules with school delays and what-not.  What would normally be three preps has turned into five and has made it more difficult to teach around.

I got done with my work day and stayed in my classroom and graded papers and got thing converted over for my latest round of Two-Week Reports.  I got done with that and then worked on some paperwork for SMASH as well as for myself.  I hung out until it was time to go to SMASH rehearsal.

I got to SMASH rehearsal and things seemed to go well for our rehearsal today.  I was surprised at how quickly some of our members are now catching onto new ideas and concepts and I have to say for the first time in a while, I believe this group is going to make some significant jumps in their abilities and the level of performance they have done over the past few years I have been involved.  I got done with SMASH rehearsal and went home to have some dinner.  I was surprised to find Austin there in the house, but he said that Heather had left no more than a minute before I got home.  I ate some dinner and then went downstairs and Heather joined me and we watched our usual T.V. shows for Wednesday night.  Tomorrow looks like an interesting day as I have a Staff Dodgeball tournament tomorrow afternoon that I am looking forward to because it seems like it will be fun to do.
Okay, so let’s talk about Part 12 of Chapter 1 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 1:  A Downward Spiral (Part 12):  Flor said slug throwers were vastly reliable, but require ballisticts knowledge to be accurate with them.  Then Mace heard the fire of a T-21 military rifle and said they should get off the street.  The sounds intensified as Mace felt pain and anger and it appeared less and less like a scuffle and more and more like a firefight.  As the fight got closer, the militia began to fill he street with blaster fire all around.  Suddenly he heard the thwap of a blaster hit.  Mace looked bck at Flor and realized her left arm had been shot off!  As Mace grabbed her and threw her inot the corner of the walls, she said that this can’t be happening to her as she did not see this happening.  Mace used The Force to reach in past her arm and pinch the artery that was causing her bleeding and he told her to remain calm as she would live through this.  Mace then told her he needed the meet point and the recognition code before she goes into shock.  As Mace continued to talk to her, she insisted that this wasn’t happening.  Suddenly, the Militia demanded that Mace stand away from the woman, referring to him as a Korno.  Mace said without medical attention, she will die, one of the militia said he’s no doctor, and shot Mace.


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