‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 1: A Downward Spiral (Part 11)

Tuesday.  What a day today was.  We woke up this morning about warnings all over the place about a horrible snow storm that would be coming and hitting us before the end of the day.  So big of a snow storm that schools were closing early.  So, when the kids and I got up this morning, we had already learned that the kids would be coming home by quarter till noon.  Unfortunately, my school had not made a decision yet about going home, so I assumed we weren’t.  I told the kids that if they come home at quarter till noon, Ruth was in charge until I could get home or until Heather could get home.  They understood and I tried to explain to them that today may be a little out of whack because of all this stuff.  So, I headed off to work, unaware if I was going home early and the kids headed off to school knowing they were getting out at quarter till noon.
Once I got to school, I planned my day like I was going to have a full day, but had a feeling we may get sent home early and wouldn’t be surprised if we did.  I also text messaged Heather and told her to prepare to have to get home by noon so that the kids aren’t home too much on their own.  I started teaching my day and the snow started to fall and around eleven o’clock or so all the staff got an email saying the school would be leaving early at noon, but to not let the secret get out.  Of course, I said in the back of my mind, what secret?  Shouldn’t you let parents and the community know about this?  All well, I don’t get paid enough money to make those decisions.  Not too long after we got an announcement to let the kids know we were going home early and of course, the entire school started to cheer and we lost our students for the last hour of classes we had with them.  During lunch today, I went to band and played with the band for the first time as I need to play with them for the Music In Our School’s Month concert at the mall on March 10th, so I needed to make sure I practiced with them.  We got done and got kids in the classrooms after the bell and no more than got them in the room and started to teach and those students were released for the end of the day.  I packed up my things and headed home.
I came home and the weather wasn’t good on my way home, but it wasn’t bad yet, either.  The kids were nice enough to have shoveled the driveway once before I even got home and I parked my car in the garage so it was out of the weather for tomorrow morning.  I went downstairs and did a bunch of school work.  In particular I got caught up on grading and two-week reports which I desperately needed to do.  I then went outside and helped the kids shovel the driveway again and we came inside and helped Heather make some dinner.  After dinner we all went downstairs and watched some T.V. together.  Then the kids cleaned up from dinner and Heather and I got them to bed and we watched our usual Tuesday night T.V. shows.  Tomorrow may be an interesting day.  Depending on how much more ice falls tonight depends on whether I go to school or not.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 11 of Chapter of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 1:  A Downward Spiral (Part 11):  As the station boss chattered on, she revealed her real name was Phloremilla Tenk, but said her friends call her Flora.  She tels Mace that her business attracts all kinds of clientelle.  She said she ahs a pool, six saunas, and private showers and that you’d be amazed at what others talk about when they think they’re alone.  Mace told her she’s chatty, she laughed and said that is waht has kept her alive in this business for twenty-three years.  She went on to explain that she has thirty-seven employees, but only five are Intel and she said the job doesn’t pay much, but then again, Jedi don’t make much either.  She’d assembled a team to work with Mace, six men loaded up with a new steam crawler.  She told him they were freelancers and two are Kornos.  She asked if Windu had a way to get Depa offworld considering she’s wanted and Mace simply said, “yes,” what he didn’t tell her was that he had twenty armed landers with a regiment of clones at his disposal.  As they heard blaster fire a block or two up, they also heard sharper hits that sounded like popping and Flor dodged left, up the street.  She commented that the popping sound was created by slug throwers, which the Jedi’s Kornos had favored when she was here…..


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