‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 1: A Downward Spiral (Part 10)

Well, it’s Monday and it was time to get back to work.  I got up this morning a little groggy.  I got the kids up and we got ready for work and school.  I took a shower and got dressed and came out to the kitchen to catch my son trying to mix Corn Flakes and the Chocolate Chip flavored cereals together because he was that desperate to have that cereal and we told the kids they need to finish the Corn Flakes first.  Needless to say, I was a little ticked off at him for trying this.  I then split all the cereal up between him, Tara, and myself.  We all ate breakfast and got ready to go when I found out Tara didn’t have her snow pants and she claims she couldn’t find her gloves.  So I sent her to school without either.  I am tired of her not being ready in the morning and I have no pitty on her about this anymore!  I left for school, later than I wanted to and got to school.  I got things set up this morning and during first period of my classes I realized that someone stole my overhead pens over the break at some point.  Why?  I’m not sure, but luckily I had some extras in my drawer at school.  That would’ve sucked if I didn’t.  Classes were relatively subdued today although one of my classes was still rather talkative and didn’t seem to really be organized for the day.
I got done with school and came home and talked about my morning with Heather.  She already had a plan when I got home and she told me that the kids were now going on a schedule.  She even handed them a schedule as they came in the door and told them they will do everything on the schedules in order.  The schedules go in order and start from the beginning of the day and go right to bed time.  We are just tired of the kids thinking they can just be lazy at home.  Now they are going to always have a structured time at home with no breaks for any kind of “play time”.  We’ll see how long that lasts without a rebellion.  Heather then showed me the sound system they have from work.  The microphone for the back room at Wendy’s hasn’t worked since a summer ago when I first worked there.  The system is rather primative, but I think I may have found a way to resolve their system, so I gave Heather some tools to go and test the system tomorrow at work.  If it works, I may be able to fix the whole system for a relatively cheap price.  We’ll have to see.  Heather told me that she wanted to go out and get dinner since she was degreasing the oven and didn’t think it would be wise to use the oven or stove with degreaser on it.  She took an order from me and went to Arby’s to get some food and came home with it.  While she was gone, I took the containers I got last weekend for my larger Lord of the Rings miniatures and started to line them with foam.  It’s going to take some time to get them done, but it will look nice when it’s finished.
Heather came home and we ate dinner together while the kids ate leftovers.  Austin and I got ready for Scouts and headed out.  We got to scouts and waited around for almost twenty minutes and no one showed up!  Not sure what happened, but apparently there was no meeting this week and I missed the memo.  Austin and I came home and I did some things around the house such as finishing up some more painting of my armor.  The good news is that I’m onto the clear coat on my collar and back plates now and they’re pretty much done.  I got done with all of that and watched “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” and then discovered (with an IM from Novall) that I am now the official Clan Administration Officer.  I’m happy to take on the role and to be even more involved with the Mandalorian Mercs.  I truly believe in the group and hope I can do all I can to help the group in this position.  I then watched some more T.V. and blogged and then headed to bed.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 10 fo Chapter 1 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 1:  The Downward Spiral (Part 10):  Street faces is what Mace saw as he walked behind the Merr-Sonn Republic Intelligence station boss.  She was a woman about Mace’s age that owned a laundry and public refresher station and she never stopped talking.  the Force warned Mace of danger from all directions and he saw all sorts of illegal activity and little actual enforcement of laws.  But they all stared at Mace as he tried to project a “don’t f*** with me” aura.  He felt he would be safer in the jungle.  The saddest of all, some of the poorest, struggling the most were those that were Korunnai. – From the Private Journals of Mace Windu:  Sure, come to the city, life’s easier there.  But all you do is sell your soul.  You wanna know what the Seperatists represent?  Spend a day in Pelek Baw.  It’s good the Jedi do not believe in hate…..


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