‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 1: A Downward Spiral (Part 9)

Sunday.  Not only is my vacation over, but now my weekend and my week is over.  Tomorrow is Monday and I have to say it’s the first Monday I’ve not look forward to in almost ten years worth of teaching.  I’m not sure why other than the fact that I’m struggling with my two classes this quarter.  But, I’m going to go back to school with some positive attitude and say that everything will be fine.  We heard the alarm go off this morning and even though Heather and I were severly tired, we still managed to will ourselves out of bed.  We got the kids ready for church and headed out the door relatively on time.  We got to church and as we headed inside, Tara decided to pick a fight with Austin.  Oi, this irked me to no end, so we didn’t let her go downstairs for Sunday School as we didn’t feel we could trust her outside of the sight of ourselves.  So, Tara sat in the church pews with us today while the kids went downstairs for Sunday school.  We had a good service with a discussion about the story of the Samaritans and why it was so important that Jesus talk with these people that were considered outcasts and that we as Christians should never view others as outcasts.  I got the message and I think it was a good sermon.  Sometimes, it’s the only thing that keeps me at this church is the good sermons.  I might not always get along with the people, I may not like the polotics, and I may get disgusted with how I’m personally treated, but the pastor gives some GREAT sermons that make me think and reflect all week long.
We got done with church and Heather said she wanted to get some subs to take home from Wegmans and I said we should get some little things we need, so we headed to Wegmans.  We got some peanut butter and jelly, marinara sauces, taco seasoning, chips, and even some of the new Cherry Cordial Diet Dr. Pepper because my wife was dying to try this drink and we finally found a twelve pack at Wegmans.  We also got two subs and checked out.  We came home and went downstairs and watched a little more “American Idol” while we ate some lunches.  Tara took a nap and Ruth and Austin asked if they could shovel the driveway, so I moved the cars out of the driveway while they shoveled.  We got done with lunch and Heather and I both took a nap.  Heather went to nap in the bed while I went downstairs and got ready for the Nascar race.  I “read the back of my eyelids” for about an hour this afternoon and then watched some obnoxious banter on Fox just before the race was about to start.  You could tell that they were bored to tears and it was horrible for those of us watching the pre-race as they were delayed because of rain.  Heather dried her Cherry Cordial Diet Dr. Pepper and I have to say it tastes just like Cherry Cordials, but it’s really rich, even Heather admits that it is.  Ruth ended up leaving the house around two-thirty to go to her friends house to work on their Science Fair Project and we spent the rest of the afternoon with two kids.  The kids got their own dinner this evening as Heather and I were still full from our subs at lunch and just got a small snack for dinner.  As I continued to watch the Nascar race, they had a nasty car accident that included fire and everything.  The drivers are concerned it’s because of weepers.  Now, those are water leakages in the tracks that occur when ground water leaks up through the three lanes of the track.  They can be dangerous as Nascar tires don’t have treads on them.  I had decided I was not watching the Academy Awards tonight as they would only piss me off.  I just see them as another way for Hollywood to push their political agenda on those that don’t know any better.  It’s a shame that movies like Star Wars or even Transformers will never make their way into the Academy Awards as they are deserving of awards.  You watch, next year Indiana Jones won’t even be considered, why?  Because George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are involved in it.  Anyway, around eight o’clock or so, I started to switch back and forth between the Nascar race and “Big Brother”.  Heather called Ruth around eight-thirty and told her she needs to come home and my wife left and went and got my daughter and got home around eight-forty and Ruth went to bed.
Okay, enough about me and my family, let’s talk about Part 10 of Chapter 1 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 1:  A Downward Spiral (Part 9):  Mace asked them to make a move as he was in a hurry.  the larger one said “uh” as the smaller one turned on his stun baton.  Mace turned and stopped his hand with both of his own and then kicked the smaller guard in the face.  Then he spun the smaller guard body into the larger guard as he charged at Mace.  Both skidded on the wet floor and slammed to the ground.  Both men were bleeding and the larger one appeared to have a broken nose.  Mace said he told them and while he dressed the smaller one got up, cursing, and reaching for his blaster.  Mace just looked at him adn the smaller guard hesitated.  The smaller guard tol Mace he was in trouble and that people who mess with militia don’t live long around…when the larger guard told him to be quiet.  Mace was surprised to hear they were police and told them he thought they would’ve hired ones that aren’t so clumsy.  The Kitanak said they bounced real nice.  Mace turned and looked at the guards and said it would be a shame if there were a blaster malfunction.  Falling on the floor is embarassing sure, but a blaster shot you don’t come back from.  The larger guard told Mace they “scanned him” and to just leave.  Mace said he remembered when this was a nice town as he got dressed and left under a sign that said “WELCOME TO PELEK BAW”…..


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