‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 1: The Downward Spiral (Part 8)

Saturday.  Well, my last day of vacation was yesterday and today was a day to get a whole bunch of things done.  I got up fairly early this morning and went downstairs and got to work on getting some things ready for sale on Ebay.  I decided today was the day to get it done.  I went downstairs and I was going to organize and take a ton of time organizing my customizable card game deck.  Then it occured to me that I don’t need to organize it.  If someone wants it, they’ll organize it the way they want to organize it.  I simply took out some of the rare cards and listed them off.  Then I decided while I was at it, I might as well start to sell some of my VHS tapes as well as I have recently been working hard to convert everything in my house to DVD.  Of course, by the time I do that, everyone else will be on Blu Ray DVD’s, considering that HD DVD just recently gave up this week.  All well, such is life.  It took me a while, basically most of the morning, but I did get all of that stuff up on Ebay and I’m proud to say that I am now selling things on Ebay.  It’s kind of fun.
I got done with all of that and then did some painting on my Mando costume.  I didn’t quite finish my backplate and collar piece like I wanted to this week, but I will get them done next week.  I will also be recording for Novel Ideas next week as the next Novel Ideas will be coming out sometime in March and I think everyone will like it, as it’s on “Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn.  Anyway, I got done with all that work and ate some lunch with the family.  Right after lunch, Heather and I went out and picked up the girls from their Girl Scout camping trip.  I was upset to find out that my youngest daughter had acted like a brat all weekend long.  So, she was in hot water and while she was in trouble, my son decided to boss her around and got himself into trouble.  He basically undid everything that we rewarded him for yesterday.  The girls seemed like they had a good time, but they didn’t say much about it.  I also took some time this afternoon to clean up the shop and my basement and get things organized before I had to get back to a week of work.  I helped Ruth clean upstairs a little and got back to our weekend routine.  I also managed to watch some of “American Idol” that I missed this past week while I did all of this work downstairs.  I got done with all of that and it was time for dinner upstairs and Heather made a great dinner with a mix of Rice-A-Roni and baked chicken.  It was really good.  We got done with dinner and Heather had hinted that she wanted some ice cream.  I said that was okay as I needed to get some gas for my car and I wanted to head back to Target as the Darth Vader mousepad wasn’t working with my wireless mouse.  I thought the Yoda one may work better as it’s not colored red.  Heather said it made sense and she wanted some Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream anyway.  So, I left shortly after dinner.  I stopped at Ian’s house on the way and dropped off their Wegman’s bag that I kept meaning to get back to them and kept forgetting about.  I then made my way to Target.  I got the Yoda mouse pad and checked out their toy section, but there wasn’t much there and NO minis.  Bummer.  I did manage to find some Star Wars egg decorating kits for Easter though, so look for those pictures to show up on the blog again.  I then found some Ben and Jerry’s at their freezer section and asked Heather what flavors she wanted.  She picked out “Cherry Garcia” and “Mint Chocolate Chunk” and I picked out “Half Baked”.  I got checked out and Heather asked me to stop at Wegmans and get some soda.  So, I was now heading to Wegmans.  I stopped at the Hess station on the Parkway and got ready to pump gas and pushed the button to pay cash inside and I waited and waited and waited.  I then looked inside and saw two teenage kids chucking stuff at each other acrossed the store.  I got mad and left.  If you don’t want to do your job and authorize a pump, then I’ll just take my business elsewhere.  I left and went to Wegmans and got some soda and stopped at the Hess station on the corners of 12 and 12A around the corner from my home and then went home.
I joined Heather in the basement downstairs and continued to work on the basement while I continued to watch “American Idol” I taped from the week.  I went to bed at my normal time at eleven o’clock as I knew I would be getting up for church tomorrow and work the day after that, so it would be back to the grind.
Okay, so enough about me, let’s talk about “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint:  A Clone Wars Novel” Part 8 of Chapter 1…..

Chapter 1:  The Downward Spiral (Part 8):  As he exited toward the rear, Mace noted a sign that suggested taking a pro-biotic shower before leaving Pelek Baw to replenish skin supplements lost by the surgical field.  Mace also bought a tablet that will help re-establish intestinal flora and took one.  He then walked over to the shower block house and he took his clothes off and walked through.  At the other end, large dryers dried off thos passing through the showers as a man in military garb stood and watched the naked aliens pass through.  Another military man searched bags for small valuables that they collected.  Both men were carrying stun batons and blasters and mace felt the need to do something as a Jedi.  The two men approached Mace and mocked him for being the “smart guy” who decided to carry his bag with him.  They told Mace it was an inspection and asked for his bag and Mace told the guard he was reading the three ideas he had in his mind and they were all wrong.  He said they think that because he’s naked and they’re clothed they have power and they think they will see in his bag.  The other guard said he’s funny, but not smart.  Windu said the two Kubaz were the real comedians, and that he was a prophet that can see in the future.  They asked what he saw and Mace said bleeding and the larger guard suddenly looked worried…..


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