‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 1: The Downward Spiral (Part 6)

Thursday.  What a day, I was busy and I had a total blast with my day today.  I planned on blogging today, but I got sidetracked and I think my wife has pretty much made sure that I’m going to get sidetracked in my blogging tomorrow as well.  I woke up around nine o’clock this morning and went downstairs and watched Dr. Phil while I worked on some things around the house.  I decided this morning would be a good time to try and organize my minis before I went to Allen and Danielle’s for a mini tournament tonight.  So, I found an extra three ring binder in the house and managed to get all of my cards into my three ring binder.  I couldn’t help it as I had plans to do that because I wanted to know what minis I had extra’s of so when I go to trade with anyone tonight, I know what minis I can afford to trade away.  I also started to get things together for this afternoon so that I could leave on time to make sure I have all my stuff together.  Of course, I did all of that after watching Dr. Phil.  Heather had suggested this morning that tomorrow we take Austin out to do something he wants to do considering the girls are leaving for Girl Scout camp this afternoon.  I told her we could talk with Austin later about where he wants to go.  As I was doing all of this with my cards for my minis (which also meant I was messing with my sports cards) Heather’s old friend that got her into scrapping booking (Deb) had shown up to try and find some people to take her extra scrap booking things off of her considering she doesn’t plan on being a consultant any more.  She then decided to leave with the girls for camp right after that as her paycheck had come in and the girls needed mess kits.  Mess kits.  You all know what those are right?  I knew what they are.  That would be a plate, bowl, cup, and utensils that all fold up into one convenient little kit.  You think everyone would know this.  But yesterday, Wal Mart had no idea what we were talking about.  Heather called Coleman Camping today and they said they had one.  Heather headed out to Conklin to pick it up, but their mess kit was actually all sorts of pots and pans that fit into each other.  So, then she headed out to Dick’s on Court Street after calling them to pick some up.  Except they said they carried them and my wife said she was on her way, but they never bothered to tell her they were out of them!  So, she called Dick’s in Vestal and they are holding two for her out there.  So, she was going to Dick’s as well as some other places before taking the girls to camp.
After Heather left, I finished up organizing my minis and then got to eating lunch.  After lunch I started to load up the car to get ready to go for the evening.  After a while, I called Heather and told her I was going to Fat Cat Books and then heading out to Allen and Danielle’s house.  She told me she would meet me at Fat Cats for a chance to see me before I leave and to give me some money for the evening.  We met at Fat Cats and I went in and got a Rebel Storm booster pack and a set of the new Star Wars tiles.  I then went to Danielle and Allen’s house.  We hung out for a while and I did things like opening up my new sets along with other things.  We talked about our lives, schools, and how the Binghamton FanForce started to grow with Ian, Charles, Jeff, Karen, and myself.  We had several discussions about all sorts of different things and then Dan and his wife Shannon showed up.  We then started to trade and then played the game.  I got some cool trades from everyone there and we also got some pizza for dinner (which was really good by the way).  I did okay with the game, I was the second to last person taken out of the game.  The one thing I had that really created havok on people was the Mandalorian War Basilisk.  I have to say it is one nasty mini to contend with.  Overall, it was a great night, but a long night as I didn’t get home till midnight.  It was good though, and I have to say it was nice to get out and socialize.
Okay, so let’s talk about Part 6 of Chapter of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 1:  The Downward Spiral (Part 6):  Pelek Baw smelled like a clean spaceport, but it wasn’t.  Mace stepped off the ramp, slung his kitbag over his shoulder and looked up at tthe turqoise colored sky.  As he looked up at Grandfather’s Shoulder, an active volcano on the Korunnal Highland, he thought to himself he’s spent too much time on Coruscant.  He wished he were here for other reasons.  He noted that the spaceport was under a surgical sterilization filed ant that is what gave it an air freshner smell.  Mace went over to the mold-stained duracrete building labelled “CUSTOMS” and went in.  In this building, the smell was not so great and neither were the mold-ladened walls.  The aliens that rode with Mace were telling bad jokes as they walked by, after a brief discussion with a customs agent and into the shower blockhouse……


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