‘The Jedi Council Speaks – Volume III, Episode #14: Star Wars: In 3D or Not To Be?’

Saturday.  I got up at a decent hour this morning.  I found myself working the entire morning this morning on my podcast.  It’s a shame as I had other plans, but nothing ever quite works out the way I want them to.  But, it’s official, the next show is now available at the podomatic and mypodcast sites.  I wanted to let all my listeners and readers know that I now have a new site which I will be transfering the show to by June 1st.  Also, I thought I would let you all know that not only do I have a new podcast page, but there is now a forum for both my blog and podcast.  So, use the link on the right hand column and head on over to the Jedi Council forum, join us, and let your voice be heard.  I got my show on the Internet by noon, so I thought now would be a good time to eat some lunch.  I went upstairs and ate some lunch and came right back downstairs and got right to editing the music videos from this quarter.  I worked on that all afternoon long.  I took a break from editing for dinner and then went right back to editing more videos.  I wanted to get done editing before the Superbowl tomorrow.  Even though we’re not having a party this year, Heather made some plans with food and what-not, so I thought it only fair that I watch the Superbowl without any distractions.  We also decided tonight to not go to church tomorrow to give me more time to work on videos distraction free.  I worked all night long and it looks like I’ll be waking up to working on these music videos tomorrow morning as well.

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