Wednesday.  I’m a little nervous about today as some things could go well and some things could go bad, we’ll have to see how it all works out.  I got up this morning with my kids and we all got ready for school and work.  We left the house and I got to work on time.  I got things set up for my lesson plans today.  My eighth graders and seventh graders have a tendency to love me on the first day of keyboard as I let them goof around a little on the instruments.  I do it as a “get it out of your system” kind of philosophy.  I did it once about two years ago and I have to say it works.  My sixth graders started their work in their workbooks today.  My one sixth grade class is a little chaotic and my seventh grade class just seems out of control.  I have to say that the rest of the quarter may get rather interesting.  I had one student in my sixth grade class that showed up to school for the first time this quarter and spent all of about ten minutes in my class before getting removed.  Not a good start.  I hope I can get that student to understand that they can’t just talk over me and that they need to listen to me and not just ignore me.  I got done with a fairly rough day of classes and I spent my after school time putting my clean recorders back together and finishing organizing my classroom.  I also spent some time working on editing my students’ music videos from last quarter.  It may take me all weekend to get them done.  We’ll have to see.  I then headed over to SMASH rehearsal.
We had a positive rehearsal tonight, but I think we all felt under the gun.  I talked to Jim about this Friday as it just didn’t seem smart to have a concert.  There are talks of a REALLY harsh snow and ice storm coming our way that we are supposed to see all day Friday.  Jim and I talked and agreed that even if there was class, our crowd size would get affected by the weather.  We agreed that for the groups sake and for the sake of the concert, we were better off postponing the concert.  So, Jim said he would call the PTSA and talk it over with them.  I got done with the rehearsal and headed home where Heather had some Chinese waiting for me to eat.  I ate dinner and relaxed with Heather for the night while we watched some T.V. together.


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