Wednesday and another busy middle of the week it is for me.  I got up this morning and helped the kids get ready for school.  We all got ourselves together and got out the door on time.  I got to school and got things set up for Review Jeopardy for all my students today.  There are classes that I really enjoy playing this game with and there are other classes that really make me cringe when I play it with them because it really scares me what they really don’t know.  But, I made the best of it with my students and I hope they feel prepared for the finals tomorrow.  Heather joined me for our lunch today and it was an interesting lunch hour to say the least.  I’m really starting to get annoyed with some of the people I hang out with at lunch constantly questioning everything I say.  I think part of it is me too, however.  I’m starting to question certain people and why I hang out with them.  Especially those that make me feel uncomfortable and I think I’m just starting to say to myself that if I feel uncomfortable with anyone, why should I hang out with that person?  Anyway, I got on with my day and at the end of the day, I hung out at school.  I graded papers between the end of school and SMASH rehearsal and then headed off to Roosevelt.  I got to rehearsal and all of us were annoyed with the same member again for not pulling his weight within the group.  Jim had had it and told the student that  he needs to have his stuff together by our practice this Saturday or he was going to pull him from the performance on the 1st of February and may pull him from the group in general.  It makes it hard on the other students in the group that do their work when we ask them to.  The new member of SMASH is working out great and we’ve integrated him into the group fairly well and I think he’ll fit right into our performances from this point on.  I got done with SMASH and went home and had some dinner while Heather was out at Girl Scouts and then joined me when she got home.  She helped me with some of the painting of Austin’s car and we sat down and talked a little about what Saturday was going to be like with SMASH rehearsal, Heather’s work, and the pinewood derby car race.  A lot to fit into one morning and very little time to get it all done in.  We watched a little T.V. and then went to bed.


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