‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Introduction (Part 8)

Wednesday and it was a day back to work and I have to say it was a rough one at that.  I had to get up at six-thirty this morning which I haven’t had to do for a week, so it made it particularly hard to do this morning.  I was tired all day today and I think my own children from home felt the same way.  Worse yet, it was a Wednesday, so it I knew it was going to be mass chaos trying to get everything done.  I got the kids up reluctantly this morning and I think we were all dragging our feet.  The good news was that Heather had started the coffee pot for me this morning so at least I had some fresh coffee to get me going for the day which was a little bit of motivation.
I got to school and went through my lessons with my students.  Today was mostly a day to review what we’ve learned up until now.  That’s what makes this quarter the hardest in music class.  It’s broken up by Thanksgiving and Christmas break and it’s hard to remember everything when your routine keeps getting interupted.  I was impressed with how much my students did remember.   I have come back in the past and have lost three or four days to review where as this quarter I only lost about a day to review.  It’s good to know that my students are improving.  I got done with my day and hung around listening to The Force Cast podcast while I graded papers.  I hung around school until about quarter after four and then packed up and got to SMASH rehearsal.
We had a decent SMASH rehearsal tonight, but got extremely frustrated with a particular member yet again.  This member doesn’t care about how he does with the group and doesn’t care that he’s not ready for our performance in about four weeks.  He doesn’t seem to care and that’s really getting on Jim and my own’s nerves.  Worse yet, the other students in the group have just about had it with him too.  So, it was a rought rehearsal because of that one person, but we made the best of the situation.  I got home and had dinner by myself while Heather was out bringing the girls home from Girls Scouts.  I even went to bed early tonight as I was just that exhausted.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 8 of the Introduction of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Introduction (Part 8):  The agent pointed out that they were meant to find this scene, and Windu cut him off saying that he was intended to find it to send a message to them.  Palpatine couldn’t believe it, but Yoda pointed out that sometimes a message’s frame is more important than the note itself.  Palpatine asked what kind of monsters the ULF could be considering they align with them and Mace said they need to find out.  Mace turned on the player and they listened to the audio.  There were the usual background noises in the jungle when they heard some familiar words in basic.  They said something about “Jedi”, “night or knife”, and “Look between the skies”.  Mace asked the agent if they could clean this up, but the agent explained that this is the cleaned up version of the audio.  The agent gave Mace a transcript and the most recognizable term there in the audio was, “I use the night, and the night uses me.”.  Then he recognized Depa’s voice saying, “I have become the darkness in the jungle.”  Then she addressed Mace directly and told him that she’s sure he thinks she’s gone made, but assures him she hasn’t and says it’s much worse, she’s gone sane.  Then the audio faded off and said that’s all there is…..

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