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Thursday.  Last day of the month of January.  I got up this morning and got the kids ready for school.  We headed out the door on time and I have to say that for the first week of this quarter I think it’s starting to fly by.  I got to school and got things set up for my day of Music History.  My eighth graders seemed to enjoy the day and my sixth and seventh graders didn’t seem to care about the day either way.  I take that back, one period of my sixth graders really enjoyed my lesson plans today, while the other group fought me the whole way, but they would fight me no matter what I do with them because they would just rather not work.  The same is true of my seventh grade class.  I got done with my day and things outside were not looking too bad.  But, there were still warnings all over the place about what the weather was going to be like for tomorrow.  That is okay, because I would need the extra week for Friday lesson plans so I can get my spreadsheets set up for the new season of American Idol.
I got done with school and headed over to Johnson City to talk with the manager of Fat Cat Books.  Quite honestly, she was a really nice lady and I have to say it was nice to talk with her.  They also donated a LOT of cool stuff to the show and I think you guys will have a lot of cool things to look forward to in the future.  I talked to her about the idea of hosting some mini games at their store in the future and she liked the idea and we talked about the industry while we listened to my commercial.  They asked for some minor changes to the commercial, nothing I couldn’t fix quickly and then we shook hands and I left.  I think this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship together between me and them.  I left Fat Cat and told Heather that I wanted to head over to Vestal because I still can’t get the Blue Tooth headset that we got from the AT&T store to work with my phone.  I took both to the store and I have to say that they tried it just like I did and at first it didn’t work.  Then a sales associate came over and said, “oh, you just need to enter 1111 as the code access”.  I asked here how I was supposed to know that and she said I wasn’t.  Oh good, I’m not just a total idiot, I’m just a total moron!  Anyway, I got done and came home and ate dinner with the family and then went downstairs to work on the podcast.  I worked on the show on commercial breaks and tried to work on my blog at the same time.  I did it on commercial breaks while Heather and I watched T.V. and then we went to bed early.  I wasn’t sure if we would have a snow day tomorrow, but I had to get up early in case we didn’t.


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Wednesday.  I’m a little nervous about today as some things could go well and some things could go bad, we’ll have to see how it all works out.  I got up this morning with my kids and we all got ready for school and work.  We left the house and I got to work on time.  I got things set up for my lesson plans today.  My eighth graders and seventh graders have a tendency to love me on the first day of keyboard as I let them goof around a little on the instruments.  I do it as a “get it out of your system” kind of philosophy.  I did it once about two years ago and I have to say it works.  My sixth graders started their work in their workbooks today.  My one sixth grade class is a little chaotic and my seventh grade class just seems out of control.  I have to say that the rest of the quarter may get rather interesting.  I had one student in my sixth grade class that showed up to school for the first time this quarter and spent all of about ten minutes in my class before getting removed.  Not a good start.  I hope I can get that student to understand that they can’t just talk over me and that they need to listen to me and not just ignore me.  I got done with a fairly rough day of classes and I spent my after school time putting my clean recorders back together and finishing organizing my classroom.  I also spent some time working on editing my students’ music videos from last quarter.  It may take me all weekend to get them done.  We’ll have to see.  I then headed over to SMASH rehearsal.
We had a positive rehearsal tonight, but I think we all felt under the gun.  I talked to Jim about this Friday as it just didn’t seem smart to have a concert.  There are talks of a REALLY harsh snow and ice storm coming our way that we are supposed to see all day Friday.  Jim and I talked and agreed that even if there was class, our crowd size would get affected by the weather.  We agreed that for the groups sake and for the sake of the concert, we were better off postponing the concert.  So, Jim said he would call the PTSA and talk it over with them.  I got done with the rehearsal and headed home where Heather had some Chinese waiting for me to eat.  I ate dinner and relaxed with Heather for the night while we watched some T.V. together.

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Tuesday.  Second day of the quarter and I have to say that my classes were different today than they were yesterday.  I got up on time today, which was a positive.  I got the kids up and we all got ready for school and work together.  We left the house and I was off to work.  I got to work and set things up for the first period of the day and I set things up to finish my introduction to my class and pass out workbooks.  Once first period was over, I took time during second and third period to change the labels on my drawers inmy classroom and taking the recorders to the dishwashers downstairs in the Family and Consumer Science Classrooom.  I then came back upstairs and continued to edit my podcast for about thirty minutes or so while I worked on fixing my books in my laptop and grade book.  I taugth the rest of my classes and I have to say that the two classes that were boarder line bad yesterday went to an all new level today.  They talked over me, I tried the silent treatment and I tried the guilty treatment, but so far nothing has worked.  Simply put, I’m going to have to take to the tactic of removing people that are distracting to the rest of the class.  I ate lunch with the two art teachers today and I have to say I’m a much happier person with very little stress in my life now.  We’ve been having fun eating lunch together and supporting each other in everything that is happening in our classrooms.  We’ve even been sharing some strategies that we’ve found that works and I have some ideas thanks to them.  I made it through my day and as soon as school was done, I packed up my room and headed home.
When I got home I was tired but knew I needed to take care of some things, so I headed downstairs and continued to work on my podcast.  Recording, editing, etc.  I also called Fat Cat Books tonight and talked to the owner and she said she would like to talk to me Thursday about the podcast commercial to make sure it’s exactly what they wanted.  I understood and was a little dissapointed as I wanted my show to come out on Thursday night, but I understood.  I worked on editing this evening and then it was time for dinner.  I decided after dinner to take a break and relax for a little bit.  I really haven’t had the chance to do that for a while.  I watched some T.V. with Heather before we headed off to bed for the evening.

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Monday.  I had a lot to do at school today, yet somehow, I woke up a little late.  I think I was just that tired from the weekend.  So, even though I got up late, the kids helped me and we still managed to get out the door on time.  I scrambled when I got to school because I was missing some copies that I needed, so I headed to the copier first thing this morning and got things taken care of and then tried to get myself set up for first period.  Then, I was dealt my first blow of the day.  I went to check my first period checklist and somehow, my list for fourth quarter printed out even though it said third quarter on the list.  So, somehow, my list was completely messed up.  It took me about ten minutes of class to fix my spreadsheet, gradebook and even the computer from trying to do attendance this morning.  This is what happens when I only have two days to switch over to the new quarter.  But the rest of the day seemed to start going a little better.  I have two prep periods in the morning that are side by side which will help out some mornings, in particular mornings when I’m doing our music videos and music podcasting projects.  My classes were fairlsy subdued except for two of them.   One may not be able to be contained, we’ll have to see how this quarter plays out.  During my prep periods today I started to edit my podcast as well as getting to organizing my classroom for this quarter.  I got a lot done today, but there is so much more that needs to get accomplished in my classroom for this quarter to really get under way.
I got done with school and came home and crashed with Heather for a half an hour and then we got dinner together.  I still had so much to do, I dropped Austin off to Boy Scouts tonight and Heather went and picked him up.  I do that only once in a great while because I think it’s my job as a father to be at that meeting with the leader since I am my son’s Akela.  Austin got home and I finished with some paperwork.  Heather and I watched some T.V. together before deciding to retire for the night.

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Sunday.  We got up at our usual tiime this morning for church and got the kids and ourselves ready for church.  We no more than got to church until the choir director started complaining, yet again, that Heather and I were not singing in the choir.  He just doesn’t get it and I just don’t understand why people just won’t let me alone at a church service.  Anyway, we sat through our church service and then there was supposed to be a meeting of the church to talk about the budget, etc.  Heather and I decided to duck out after the church service because to be quite honest, our church is struggling and as much as I try to help, people complain, and as much as others try to help, people complain, and no one can understand why the church can’t make positive gains.  Besides, I hate the polotics of our church and it just urks me to listen to certain individuals talk about the budget.  We left.  We came home and I went downstairs and took an hour nap.  Then I took another two hours to do some podcast recording and then I got right to filling in grades into the online gradebook.  I got done with that and it was dinner time.  I went upstairs to eat dinner with the family and then came back downstairs and started to change over my gradebooks to next quarter.  Man, I feel under the gun with only two days between last quarter and this quarter.  I didn’t even have time to wash recorders yet or do organizing in my room to make sure I’m ready for the next quarter.  I guess I should just be used to others not caring about this though.  I got done with some of that tonight and then I finished recording for my podcast.  Now I was down to editing my segments for my podcast and putting it together.  Heather and I watched some T.V. together and then went to bed.  Tomorrow would be an interesting day as it is the start of the new quarter.

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Saturday with much to do and little time in which to get it done.  I woke up around eight o’clock this morning and headed downstairs and did about an hours worth of recording for my podcast.  I figured if I keep it up, I should have my podcast done early this week and will be able to post right on the 31st.  Once I got done recording, I headed upstairs and took a shower and got ready to leave the house.  The kids were going to go with me to SMASH rehearsal this morning and then get taken from there to the pinewood derby.  So, we got ourselves out the door to SMASH rehearsal and headed for Roosevelt school.  I got into rehearsal and found out the student we were having problems with quit the group.  In some ways, I feel that it was a relief.  In other ways, it put pressure on Jim and I to try and change around the show just a little to take care of the fact that we would not have this student around anymore.  We started to get to the end of rehearsal and I told Jim I had to take off early and I did.  I headed straight home and joined Heather and we then headed out to our pinewood derby race.  In amongst this busy weekend, I forgot to mention that I got a new cell phone that Heather managed to sign us up for.  It was kind of nice, considering it has a built in camera and blue tooth possibilities, except I haven’t had time to learn the Blue Tooth part of the phone just yet.  Anyway, I managed to call Heather on my way home and told her to wait for me and we went to the Derby together.  We spent about an hour at the Pinewood Derby and then headed right home.  I got home and went downstairs and got to work on finishing grading my students.  I finished up grading and averaged out the final averages.  Then I got right to recording some more for my podcast.  I recorded all afternoon and all evening after dinner.  Tomorrow, after church, I will finish grading and start to work on my books for next quarter and I will start to plan out the next quarter.  What a weekend!  I feel as though I just don’t have enough time to do everything!

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Friday.  Pay day and the final day of the quarter.  There was a lot to get done.  I got the kids up this morning and we got ourselves ready for school and I got ready for work.  I knew I had a lot to do at work and I was going to have a lot to do once I got home this evening.  Once I got to school I set up for final exams.  I had a whole day ahead of me of final exams and I rarely had any breaks during the day as students who needed to finish finals came down on my prep periods.  I went out for lunch with some other teachers in the building and I have to say we had some great conversation and it was nice to get out for lunch for once.  It was a busy and fulfilling day at work and I have to say that I now have a ton of work ahead of me this weekend and not a lot of time to get it done in!  Tonight I came home and started to grade final exams right away.  I had to stop to eat some dinner and got right back to grading.  It took me most of the evening, but I did manage to get the finals graded.  I figured tomorrow I would get final averages done and then Sunday I would enter them into the computer via the Internet.  Once I got done grading my final exams, I finished the night coming up with a commercial for Fat Cat books to put on my podcast for the next episode.  I got done around eleven o’clock or so.  Tomorrow was going to be a busy day, so I figured I better get to bed at a decent hour.