‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Introduction (Part 5)

Sunday.  A day of rest.  Today we did our usual Sunday things.  We got up at our usual time for church and got ourselves and the kids ready for church.  There was somehow a finality to the feeling with church today as Ruth pointed out on our way to the service that this was the final church service for 2007. I had never thought of it that way, but then again, I had never thought of anything that way.  So, we got to church and had an interesting service with a sermon about the Wise Men.  I always forget that the wise men didn’t get to Jesus until months after he was born.  So, a good service and a good message.  We got done with church and came right home.
Heather and I took a nap.  She went to the bed upstairs and I came downstairs to watch some football on T.V.  In reality, I watched more of the back of my eyelids than I watched the T.V. and the games.  As usual, my Rams ended the season on a bad note and lost.  They ended the season at 3-13 with a loss against the Cardinals.  It’s almost back to being the old crying Rams fan that I used to be in seasons past.  My only hope for the football season now is that either the Patriots get beat early on in the Playoffs or they have one of the most embarassing upsets in football history ever!  I still can’t stand them ever since they beat the Rams in that Superbowl about four years ago.  Now, after last night, they are one of only two teams to have and undefeated season and I really think they have become way too cocky for their own good!  Someone needs to bring them down a peg or two!
Okay, so enough about football.  Heather woke up this afternoon and came downstairs and did her usual sewing while watching T.V. and Austin joine me in watching football.  We lounged around all afternoon and all evening and even ate leftovers for dinner.  It was a nice relaxing day.  Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, so it will be a late night and we’ll be eating dinner with out neighbors which may or may not be an interesting experience.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 5 of the Introduction of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Introduction (Part 5):  Then Mace saw something and pointed to some wounds on bodies in the woods.  The Republic Intelligence agent said he can’t as the image is primative, as he sneezed and complained about his allergies.  Mace insisted, so he enhanced the image and apologized for the primative system.  Mace walked forward and leaned down to the larger image of the bodies and pointed out something to Yoda and the Jedi Master said no conclusions could be drawn.  Palpatine asked them to explain what they saw.  Mace pointed out that the wounds that were on the body could only have been created by a dead blade, which is just a piece of metal, ceramic, transparisteel, or even carbonite.  Palapatine said it sounds crude and Windu agreed.  Mace pointed to one set of the wounds and said they are parallel and at differing lengths which means they were done post mortum.  Then the agent in the room said it could’ve ben done while they were tied up.  The agent explained that there has been a history of recreational torture with the conflict on Haruun Kal on both sides, as they believe the enemy needs to go through pain and suffering before death…..


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