‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Introduction (Part 4)

Saturday and Heather still had to get up early and be to work.  Bummer!  But she really needs to make up for the unplanned loss of hours from her District Manager being a jerk on Christmas Eve.  So, she woke me up fairly early again this morning.  All well, soon I’ll have to be getting up at six-thirty again anyway.  I got up around eight o’clock this morning and started  to work on putting together the notes on my next podcast and as I was flipping through previous notes it dawned on me that I do not have any contact with Flying Turtle Toys.  So, I tried contacting them again today, to no avail.  I’m starting to get annoyed at having to contact them and I’ve decided that one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to get a sponsor for my show and to get a local sponsor for my show.  It will require me having to really be agressive with the concept, but I think I have to.  So, I decided I better come up with a way to both promote my show and promote my sponsor, whoever they may be.
I helped the kids organize their rooms this morning so they could fit in all the new toys they got for Christmas this year.  We talked about how much work they needed to do and luckily for me, they took the time to get it all done right.  By the time they finished with that, Heather had come home and asked if we could go out now and get some things together for a small New Year’s Celebration at our house.  I told here I was all for it.  It was only going to involve the family, but she wanted to put together a spread just for all of us and she wanted to actually have some party favors on hand.  I told her I understood and that it would be nice to actually celebrate the New Year instead of just watching T.V. and starring at the ball dropping in Times Square.  So, she no more than got home till we left again this afternoon.  We went out all over town getting things.  We went to Maines to get decorations and party favors/noise makers.  We went to Aldi’s and Wal Mart to get food and we also decided to go to the mall and try to get her some clothes she’s needed to get for a while.  We also stopped at The Christmas Tree Shop to see if they had some baking pans she needed.  We were out so long, we decided to get dinner out and got home around eight-thirty or so.  By the time we got the car unloaded and put the stuff away, it was time for the kids to go to bed.  Heather and I went downstairs and relaxed for a while and then went to be ourselves as we had church tomorrow.
Okay, so let’s talk about Part 4 of the Introduction of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Introduction (Part 4):  Mace tells Yoda that the only other person that could lead The Republic through these dark times is him, but Yoda says that his visions are clouded by an evil and a darkness that he fears will last for a long time.  At that moment, Palapatine entered the room and both Jedi stood up and bowed out of respect.  Palpatine looked tired and another man entered with him that was short with borwn hair which made Mace assume was a spy.  Palpatine said they have news about Depa Billaba and said this man has information as he has come from Haruun Kal and said they shall examine the evidence themselves.  Mace asked what it was and asked if she was captured, but Palpatine said it was much worse.  The agent that came into the room pulled out an old holoprojector and turned it on.  They all starred in shock at the image on Palpatine’s desk.  There were burned huts all around a pile of nineteen corpses which the spy identified as the Loyalist Partisans under the command of Master Billaba……


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