‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Introduction (Part 3)

Friday.  I’ve looked ahead and it’s hard to believe that my vacation, believe it or not, is almost over.  I basically have this coming weekend followed by Monday and Tuesday and then I’m in school next week Wednesday.  Somehow, this vacation seems to have shortened up quite bit.  I feel as though I just got used to the idea of being on vacation, now I need to start thinking about the other side of vacation.  I got up at nine o’clock this morning again, but this time I was so tired, I sat downstairs and watched “Dr. Phil” and did nothing else.  I even kind of faded in an out as I watched the show because of how tired I really was.  For some reason, this morning when Heather’s alarm clock went off, it woke me up too.  I’m not exactly sure why.
In all honesty, the kids and I had a very slow and lazy day.  They came downstairs and watched me play Madden on my PS2 for about an hour or so after watching T.V. and they asked to play “Star Wars: Legos” on the PS2 and I told them they could.  I decided to work on my blog and they played the game for a good two and a half hours.  We then stopped for lunch and then went back downstairs and watched “High School Musical 2” for the millionth time since Sunday.  I’m actually beginning to hate the songs in this movie, but it’s all for my daughters.  Heather came home to us “vedging” out in the basement.  I knew she would be a little upset about it, as she was, but as I reminded her, it was vacation and we all wanted to just take a moment and relax.  She went in the other room and sewed and we talked about the fact that the kids have worked hard all week long and deserved a day off from all of the house/room cleaning.  We got done watching “High School Musical 2” and I watched Season 4 of “Farscape” some more while I continued to work on my blog and catch up on other work.
Around five o’clock or so, we went upstairs and ate some dinner together as a family and Heather and I went back downstairs and watched some T.V. while I continued to try and catch up this blog (which obviously didn’t work too well).  We headed to bed a little early as Heather had to get up early again tomorrow.
So let’s talk about Part 3 of the Introduction of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Introduction (Part 3):  But, Yoda said this is all speculation and told Mace to have patience.  Mace said that ten years ago they could have reached out, but Master Yoda cut him off and said they can no longer look to the past.  Yoda starred at Mace as he tried not to think about the shadow that darkened their us of The Force.  Yoda said she was a great and Mace interjected saying she better be, as he had trained her.  Yoda told him he worries too much both for her and the Jedi after Geonosis.  Mace deflected the comments saying that the Chancellor’s office has changed quite a bit since Valorum’s days.  Yoda said Valorum was the last in a great line of Chancellors as he contemplated the last 900 years of The Republic.  Yoda did point out to Windu that Valorum’s downfall was the fact that he was a Chancellor stuck on the past while Palpatine at least seemed to be looking to the future.  Mace looked around at the office noticing it was simple.  He liked the simplicity and told Yoda that it’s a shame that he has no connection to The Force as he may have made a fine Jedi.  Yoda asked Mace if he admired the Chancellor and Windu says he supposes that the election of Palpatine was a shatterpoint to The Republic…..


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