‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Introduction (Part 2)

Thursday.  Heather was back to work today and not too happy about it.  She was furious at having to work and she was even more furious about having lost six hours this week with them taking her job away as the schedule writer for the week.  It was six hours she had planned on, instead, she had to pick up some hours at the store, which the District Manager wanted to force her into doing.  I told her she needs to start an investigation into Wendy’s about their treatment of female employees.  Her District Manager makes some VERY sexually charged comments like, “women can’t work the grill properly” or “women can’t handle organizing paperwork correctly, they just think they can”.  For some reason, Heather won’t run with the idea and said she has too much dignity for that.  I told her that she is being taken advantage of because she’s a woman and because she’s a hard worker.  This guy should be out of a job and my wife should be recognized for all the extra work she does for this store.
While Heather was at work, I slept in until nine o’clock.  I got up and immediately went downstairs and watched “Dr. Phil” while I worked on the new podcast page a while.  You can find that page at:  http://www.jedicouncilspeaks.mypodcast.com.  Hopefully this idea will take off soon and I hope everyone will enjoy all the work I’ve gone through to move the podcast.  When I got done watching the show, I joined the kids upstairs and we goofed around with each other doing things like painting and crafts until about noon when we decided to eat some lunch.  I told the kids while we were eating, we would be cleaning the house after lunch, which they agreed to.
When we got done with lunch we took to cleaning the house.  And what a task it was.  We reorganized the kitchen, cleaned the dishes and started there first.  It took us three hours just to get that done alone.  Heather even came home while we were in the middle of cleaning the kitchen.  Heather worked on other parts of the house while we continued.  After we got done with the kitchen, we worked on other parts of the house, mainly the bedrooms.  We changed sheets and got all of the dirty laundry downstairs.
We worked well into the evening right through dinner as we got turkey leftovers on the fly!  It was a lot of work, but tomorrow with a little bit of work, we should have it all done.  Heather told me today that one of our neighbors actually wants to take us out to dinner on New Year’s Eve because she likes our kids and all the things they have done to help the neighbors out.  I told her that we should graciously accept even though she didn’t want to.  I told her it was almost rude not to in this case and she reluctantly agreed and called back tonight and accepted the offer.  We really didn’ t watch any T.V. tonight as we were busy cleaning.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 2 of the Introduction of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Introduction (Part 2):  Mace had jogged to the Supreme Chancellor’s suite beneath the Senate’s Great Rotunda to find Yoda on his hovering chair.  Yoda commented about Mace’s untimeliness and Windu said the courier had told him that this was something about the operation on Haruun Kal.  Yoda commented that Mace seemed concerned for Depa and Windu pointed out that the Seperatists have pulled out of their base on Pelek Baw, but Yoda notes she has not returned.  Mace pointed out that Haruun Kal is still mostly Seperatist and she’s got a price on her head.  That will make it nearly impossible for her to get off the planet.  Yoda said Mace cared for her, but Mace knew it went deeper than that.  She had been on the planet for four months and Windu tracked her movements by the failed attacks of the Seperatist guerilla bands.  They failed so much so, that the Seperatists had pulled back, but Mace wondered at what cost.  Mace couldn’t help but wonder if they were going to tell him bad news or there would be no need for this secracy…..


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