‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Introduction (Part 1)

The day after Christmas.  And the house looks like a Nuclear bomb went off in it.  BUT, it was a happy nuclear bomb!  It was quite a time yesterday at Christmas and today was the day to try and pick up the pieces from all of that.  My parents and my brother and sister-in-law all got up fairly early this morning around eight o’clock or so.  Robbie had evidently gotten most of them up early, including my own children.  In some ways that was okay.  My parents and brother got their things together and by about noon, everyone had left our house.  It was almost depressing to go from that many people in the house to only the five of us left.  But, it was a fun weekend and week so far, so it was all worth the time we spent preparing for it all.  After everyone left, we all decided to sit down and have a little bit of a lunch.  We got done with lunch and I was going to have everyone help to pack up the house, but Heather convinced me not to.
So, we spent this afternoon lounging around the house.  I took an hour nap and played a lot of “Guitar Hero” downstairs as well as some football on the PS2.  It quite honestly, was nice to take a moment and step back and relax for a day considering how much time we’ve spent working over the past week or so.  It got to evening and we all fended for ourselves for dinner out of the fridge.  Tomorrow Heather would be back to work and the kids and I would be cleaning the house up from all of the festivities.
Okay, so today we start our new book.  Let’s talk about Part 1 of the Introduction to “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Introduction (Part 1):  Dangerously Sane – From the private journals of Mace Windu – I am perfect in my dreams.  There they are below in the arena.  Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Senator Amidala.  And within reach of my blade are Nute Gunray, Jango Fett, and Count Dooku.  In my dreams I do it right and I don’t hesitate.  In an instant I take down Dooku and save the galaxy form an intergalactic Civil War.  I could have done it, and I felt all the greed and sheer deception.  I could sense that Dooku held it all together within the Seperatist movement.  He became the shatterpoint.  I knew it because of my Jedi powers.  I sensed it was much like the Corusca gem.  Upon normal use, the gem is as hard as any metal or rock, but if tapped, even lightly, on a shatterpoint and it can break into a million pieces.  Me, I see the shatterpoints.  It’s not a sight as much as a perception.  I noticed I had this ability when I was a young Jedi in The Temple, as young as seven years old.  If I put it in simple terms, I can see where you bend and break using my connections with The Force.  I used this power to find a weakness in one of the most powerful bounty hunters, Jango Fett on Geonosis.  However, a moment of a shatterpoint is dependent upon timing, and time is fluid.  There is no such thing as a second chance and I could have stopped this war by killing Dooku on Geonosis.  Later Master Yoda said there was no way I could have cut down a former colleague, but I feel that I should have.  I became split about which feelings I should trust.  I had to choose whether to kill a former Master or save current ones and I made Jedi decisions.  Many have died for my choice.  There is much I regret and many Jedi now have nightmares over my choice.  This many Jedi have not died since the Sith War over four thousand years ago.   I am probably the only Jedi who doesn’t have nightmares about what happened on Geonosis.  My nightmare is a living nightmare, even Jedi have shatterpoings….


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