‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 24 (Part 7)

Okay, Tuesday.  It’s getting closer to Christmas and lets hope the weather gets a little better around here.  I’m all for a white Christmas and all, but I hope that it doesn’t jeopardize the ability my parents or Heather’s parents may have coming here for Christmas celebrations.  Anyway, I got up this morning and luckily there were no delays and no snow days.  That’s good as we wouldn’t want to use them all up so early in the season as they will shorten our Spring break if we use all our snow days.  The kids and I got going for the day and got ourselves on the road.
I got to work at a decent hour and started to get things together for my lesson plans today, but had to stop several times to get kids out of the hallway.  I had to complain to the morning help that are letting the students into the auditorium.  I understand that our principal feels bad for kids who are at school early because they are cold and he wants to bring them inside.  I understand that struggle, but, we have students sneaking out of the auditorium and running up and down the halls during the morning.  It’s becoming more and more of a problem.  So, my school day got off to a rocky start and it went south from there.  I ended up tossing two students today and I think my classes are actually good behavior wise.  I have written it off to the excitment about Christmas and the fact that we’ve had so many unplanned days off this month.  Let’s hope this behavior doesn’t continue, but somehow I think that may be a dream.
I came home and spent some time with Heather and the kids and we had dinner together.  When we got done with dinner we spent a bunch of time cleaning the house.  The realization that families will start showing up on Sunday has really set in.  When it got to eight o’clock, the kids went to bed and Heather and I went downstairs and watched some T.V.  Three more days till Christmas break, and honestly, it can’t come soon enough!
Okay, let’s talk about Part 7 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 24 (Part 7):  Suddenly, Kav opened up a trap door in his chair, pulled out a blaster and shot at Thrawn.  Somehow the blast bounced off Thrawn and deflected back into Kav’s chest.  That’s when Doriana recognized the device on the desk as a shield generator and Thrawn explained he took it from one of the droidekas.  Doriana said it was a risk as the shield wouldn’t have blocked his shot, but Thrawn said he still trusted Doriana.  Doriana asked why and Thrawn asked if he or Sidious had seen the Far Outsiders they had referred to.  Doriana said no and Thrawn said a reconaissance force on the edge of Chiss space has run into them.  Doriana asked if he had info on them and Thrawn said he did and explained that Ar’alani was responsible for repelling them.  Thrawn explained that this is why the admiral came to check out Car’das and his companions, they were concerned The Republic was a reference to the invaders.  And Doriana deduced that this is why the admiral ignored Thrawn’s issues with the Vagaari as a two front war is messy and Thrawn confirmed his suspicions.  Thrawn said he would provide Doriana with Ar’alani’s information.  Doriana asked what the trust between them would mean, and Thrawn said nothing for now.  But, Thrawn said that his people and Doriana may find themselves fighting side by side against these invaders in the future.  They both said they will go back to their people and work toward that day.  Thrawn held out the blaster and told him that he adn his poeple are free to go, Doriana told him to keep the blaster as a souvenir.  Thrawn thanks him and says he has one last small matter to discuss with him…..


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