‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 24 (Part 6)

Okay, it’s Monday.  And we didn’t have a snow day even though it didn’t look great outside this morning.  It started off as an hour delay, which meant the kids and I were scrambling to get the driveway clear for getting my car out and get to work on time.  Then, it switched to a two hour delay.  That was okay because it gave me more time to get ready for work.  On my way to work, I discovered that the plows didn’t do much to plow the roads down.  After making sure the kids were fine, I turned onto West Service road and went slow on my way to work.  I got to an underpass under the crossover for Interstate 81 and I spun out.  I did a complete 360 degree turn and miraculously didn’t hit either of the concrete barriers on either side of me nor the school bus that was coming at me.  All I can say is that angels were watching over me this morning.  I was only going fifteen when I spun out, but it was enough.  Had I been going any faster and I’m convinced it would have ended badly.
Speaking of accidents, I forgot to mention that last week when I took a mental health day, I got a call from the band teacher at school and he told me the choral teacher had gotten in an accident on Wednesday morning on the way to work.  I felt bad as I wasn’t there to help, but I guess she’s okay, but her car got totalled.  Anyway, I got to work and the hallways were empty, which is very uncommon on a morning at East Middle School.  I got my classroom ready and found out that we were running periods five through nine.  That means that we have periods five and seven before lunch and periods eight and nine after lunch.  This is an awesome schedule for me as it means that I have the entire afternoon off as eight and nine are my prep periods.  That was good for me as I wanted to catch up on my blog and notes for my podcast.  I worked all morning long with no breaks for about two hours, but that was okay.  I went upstairs and had lunch and then came downstairs and locked myself in my room and got to working on things that needed to be done.  Besides working on this blog and podcast, I also graded papers and finally had a chance to organize my room.
I got done with school and went home and had dinner with my family and then Austin and I went to Boy Scouts.  We had a good meeting tonight there and finalized things before Christmas break and came home.  Austin talked mom’s ears off about Scouts tonight and Heather and I watched T.V. together after the kids went to bed and planned out the rest of this week, our weekend, and Christmas next week.  Lots to do with little time to get it done in.
Okay, so let’s talk about Part 6 of Chapter 24 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 24 (Part 6):  As Thrawn led Doriana and Kav through “The Darkvenge’s” bridge, he noted that they left the ship undisturbed and said he knew they were looking forward to going home, but that he had some thing they needed to clear up.  Doriana agreed as they entered the office next to the bridge.  Thrawn said that he believes they all want to see this one meeting between their peoples as the last.  Doriana said he was confused as he saw their meeting as mutually beneficial, but Thrawn said the Chiss people are safe, but their betrayal of Outbound Flight has been observed by him and his crew.  Then Doriana wondered if Thrawn had heard the conversation between himself and kav and their need to kill him or had he simply deduced it on his own.  He reached for the pistol given to him, slowly, thinking that one more death really wouldn’t matter.  He got his hand around the grip and paused.  He second guessed himself because of the great tactician that Thrawn had become.  Kav yelled at Doriana to shoot him!  Doriana smiled, pulled out the blaster, set it down and said he couldn’t do it and Thrawn smiled and said he was right about him…..


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