‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 24 (Part 5)

Sunday.  Another pretty busy day at the Crissman household.  I thought it would be a nice relaxing day, but hey, it’s close to Christmas time, so what can I say.  We got up real early this morning, but it was all for a good cause.  We got up early to get the kids ready for their Christmas play at church this morning. Although they performed it once yesterday and practiced it quite a bit yesterday, my son was nervous about playing the part of Joseph.  Ruth was nervous because she was playing piano before the church service this morning and it’s the first time she will be playing in public.  I told her I understand her nerves and I helped her as best as I could.  She practiced at home a little before we left, but we left real early figuring the church would be empty for her to practice piano alone.

Well, we got to church and our choir director was already there with the choir.  I asked him if my daughter could practice on the church piano for a little bit as she needed to get used to the feel and release of the keys at the church and he said no.  Of course, this goes back to issues I’ve had with this gentleman in the past and quite honestly he treats me and my family like we’re trash.  So, I told Ruth to go downstairs and practice on that piano.  We then came upstairs and about ten minutes before service, she was able to practice.  I believe that this made her more nervous as there were quite a few people in house while she was practicing.  About fifteen minutes later she played for the congregation.  She was nervous and between all of you and me, she has performed better.  But, I was proud of her and I don’t blame her for what happened.  I believe that if she had been able to practice without everyone around, she could have done better.  And besides, quite honestly her “not so good” performance was still better than most people’s performances.  The play went well too and Austin and Tara did a great job.

After the service, we went downstairs with the congregation and had a nice Christmas celebration with everyone.  There was pizza and a lot of food, some of it left over from last night, and we even had some birthday cake for Jesus.  It was fun and Santa even showed up and gave my kids some cool gifts.  We then decided it was time to go home because the weather was getting bad again.  So, we left the celebration a little early to beat the weather home.  We got home and we all took an afternoon nap.  When I got up I decided to go downstairs and watch some football while the snow was barreling down all afternoon long.  I went outside and shoveled the driveway twice this afternoon and we may have another snow day tomorrow if the weather keeps up like this.  Heather and I relaxed this evening and got to bed quite late.
Okay, let’s talka bout Part 5 of Chapter 24 of “Star Wars: Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 24 (Part 5):  Thrass said he found a valley for them to land in that had small rocks that gave them a chance to land and survive.  Thrass said they could land there with little change in their decaying orbit and said it would require minimal work by the maneuvering thrusters.  Then Lorana pointed out that the Dreadnaught theya re currently in will have to be on bottom if they want to save the survivors in the core and the Skysprite in D-3.  Suddenly the comms systems came on and called out to Lorana Jinzler, it was Chass Uliar on teh other end.  He told them that everyone got tired of waiting and moved up to D-4.  Lorana turned on the comm and demanded they go back to the storage core, but Uliar acted as if they can’t hear her and Thrass confirmed this.  She told him they have no choice now, but to put D-4 on top which will put their Dreadnaught D-1 on the bottom.  Thrass said she could still leave and make it to D-4 and Lorana said he couldn’t pilot the ship alone.  She suggested that Thrass head for D-4, but Thrass said they will both risk their lives for her people.  Lorana began to tear up and was now realizing why The Force had prompted her to to give Car’das the message to send to her brother.  Thrass commented that this was not the home he had envisioned for the survivors and that this home may be more permanent than he intended.  Thrass said they need to prepare for the end and they both said they hoped the Chiss and The Republic see a peaceful union in the future.  Thrass wished a warrior’s fortune on her as Lorana said, “The The Force Be With You” and she gestured to D-4 and said it needs to be with them as well…..


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