‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 24 (Part 4)

Saturday.  And a busy, but fun Saturday at that.  I got up around eight o’clock this morning.  Although I was getting up earlier than I usually do, it didn’t seem to bother me at all.  I got a shower and got myself on the road by nine o’clock this morning.  On my way to Syracuse, I got a text message from Josh letting me know he got a late start this morning because of some car problems.  I told him it was no big deal and that we would just meet at Kohls.  I got to Syracuse before Josh and just figured I would shop at Kohls without him while I was waiting.  Quite honestly, I was shocked at how little this particular Kohl’s had to offer as far as products.  I found a few things and then Josh met up with me.  I decided to put the things back that I found just because I thought I could get them cheaper elsewhere.  We left Kohls and headed over to Target in the same plaza.  Josh and I talked a bit while we were shopping and he was telling me that he was having a hard time shopping for Joanne (his wife) because they are limiting their budget this year because of them having a baby soon.  I told him I could totally understand as I feel that my budget can seriously restrict me at Christmas time too.  I managed to find Heather a shirt at Target that I think she will like, of course the shirt was found more by Josh than me, so I’ll have to tell her to thank him.
We got done at Target and figured we’d better find something to eat before we had Tuba Christmas, so we ate at the foodcourt in the mall that we were going to for Tuba Christmas.  We ate some lunch and poked around the mall a little more and I found some places to get things.  Most specifically, Victoria’s Secret.  Heather asked for pajamas that, as she wrote them on the note, were warm and sexy.  As Josh and I said when we walked into the store, those two statements in a male’s mind are oxymorons.  So, I decided I needed to do something.  So, I thought a nice pair of silk pajamas, followed by a matching bra would do nicely.  Of course, bra shopping for my wife without my wife present is an interesting task all in and of itself.  Josh got a little embarassed shopping with me in Victoria’s Secret, so he opted to leave and go to Bath and Body Works next door.  I told him I would meet him there.  My shopping was not easy and I have to say that the ladies in Victoria’s Secret suck!!  I walked around in their store for a half an hour with no help from anyone in the store!  Anyway, I managed to find a matching set on my own with measurements from my wife, but I’m nervous that nothing is going to fit.  Not only that, but getting just those two items now cost about half my budget!  Man, that sucks, as I didn’t plan on spending that much on these gifts.  I met Josh next door and we both got some things in Bath and Body Works and I have to say that I spent a bunch of money in there too.  But, I managed to find some stocking stuffer type ideas there as well.  We got done shopping in those two stores and headed to our cars to put our bags in.  We then decided to move the cars to get to Tuba Christmas easier.  Well, that was a bad idea.  We ended up being in a traffic jam for about twenty minutes trying to get to where we needed to be.
We got to Tuba Christmas a little late because of all of this, but that’s okay because Josh and I are old pros at this anyway.  We also signed up to win some mouthpieces and I managed to win a large shank 6.5 AL Plastic Mouthpiece which only cost me a dollar.  Not bad!  We played and got interviewed by the local press for a little bit, and had a blast!  It wasn’t a bad place to have Tuba Christmas!  When we got done, Josh decided he needed to head home as there were hints of a snow storm coming all day yesterday and today on the news.  I understood and we said our goodbyes and were on our seperate ways.
On my way home, I called Heather to let her know where I was and she told me what was going on with her.  Heather was having and interesting day as she was dealing with the church all day today.  Our church was having an “Andrew’s Christmas Party” where they were hosting about 800 people from the community as an outreach ministry left over from when Franklin Graham had been in town.  My kids were supposed to be in a church Christmas play and I raced home in hopes of trying to get to them in time to see the play.  Well, I got there too late.  I’m not too concerned about it as it was the play they would be performing in church tomorrow morning anyway.  So, I asked Heather if I could leave and go do some more shopping at Wal Mart and she said sure!  So, I left and went to Wal Mart and found some cool things like more stocking stuffers and a vibrating pad for her chair that I know she will love after a hard day’s work.  I got done with that and was going to get something to eat, when I called Heather and found out that she and the kids hadn’t eaten either.  I used what money I had left and went to Taco Bell and got us all dinner to bring home.
We all got home and crashed together!  We all ate dinner together in the basement and shared our stories of the day and then went to bed early.  Tomorrow was going to be another long day with much to do!
Okay, so let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 24 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 24 (Part 4):  As they passed midway through a star cluster, the hyperdrive failed.  Thrass asked fi the hyperdrive can be fixed and Lorana said not outside a shipyard.  Thrass asked about the hyperdrives on the other Dreadnaughts and Lorana said they shut down the hyperdrive and take the Skysprite out and negotiate with people in the local system.  Lorana suggested they not shut the hyperdrive down, because if they do, they may not be able to start it back up.  Thrass said they can’t just let Outbound Flight drift off, so Lorana says they need to find a planet where they can maintain a nice high orbit.  They turned on the sensors and tried to find a place for hours.  They found a planet with less gravity, but directly along their current path.  They reached the planet when the drive gave one final surge and shut down.  That’s when Thrass reported that fifteen orbits from now, Outbound Flight would crash because of an unstable orbit.  She told Thrass to go back to the sensor array and see if they could find a spot to land Outbound Flight on the planet.  Thrass said this ship wasn’t prepped for landing and asked if they could try and re-establish orbit.  That’s when Lorana discovered the forward maneuvering jets were still functional.  She thought maybe she could attempt a turn and keep them from falling into their decaying orbit……

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