‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 24 (Part 3)

Today was Friday.  Payday among many other things.  It was an interesting and liberating day as tomorrow I will be heading to Syracuse to join Josh for Tuba Christmas, so I had some things to do today to prepare for that.  I got up at my normal time and got the kids ready for school.  We all seemed to be better rested and seemed a little bit in a cheerier mood.  That was okay with me as the kids are really starting to get into the Christmas spirit.  They want to sing Christmas tunes all the time and they use to annoy me before, but now I just think my kids are too cute when they sing, so how could I hate them?  Anyway, we had a fun morning and they were off to school.
I got to work on time and everyone was raving about the concert on Wednesday.  Everyone tries to congratulate me on a great concert, but I always remind them that I really don’t do the performing, the kids do.  I’m just there for support, so I tell them to congratulate the kids and not me.  It was a good day especially considering how chaotic this past week has been.  Really, I’ve only had two days of uninterupted instruction but it somehow doesn’t bother me at this point.  We started filming our video projects today and it looks like the groups have some great and interesting concepts.  The question now is going to be whether or not we can make them work in the time we have left.  We started to record our podcasts today and I was impressed with what students were thinking of for that one as well.  The projects this quarter should come out real interesting in the end.  Throughout the day today I tried to formulate a game plan for shopping for my wife for Christmas tomorrow.  In reality, I have no idea what I’m going to get her for Christmas as I don’t even know what she wants for Christmas.  It’s nuts really because this is the first year in which I have no idea what to get her.
I got done with my day and came home and spent some time with Heather.  We had a great time goofing around with the kids while we made some Christmas cookies together.  We got done with all of that and had some dinner.  After dinner I went downstairs and worked on some things while the kids did some cleaning upstairs and then went to watch the Disney Channel.  It was not a bad day, but I’m looking forward to tomorrow when I get to go to Syracuse and play in Tuba Christmas with Josh and then shop for my wife.  It will be the first time since I’ve done this with Josh where I will feel like I’m getting my shopping done early.  Josh and I emailed each other tonight and agreed to meet at a Kohl’s in Syracuse at about ten a.m. tomorrow morning.
Okay, enough about that, let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 24 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 24 (Part 3):  The Aristocra then said that Doriana and Car’das would stand trial as well as the other two outworlders still on Crustai, unless he’s willing to make a bargain.  thrawn asked what it was.  The Aristocra said he will resign and renounce his status as a member of the Eighth Ruling Family.  Thrawn asks if the Aristocra can live with the consequences.  The Aristocra asked what the consequences would be.  Thrawn said the Ruling Family will demand a hearing and are unlikely to just let him leave, not after they get his prize.  The Aristocra said he wouldn’t dare offer Outbound Flight, but Thrawn cut him off and said he would offer the technology that brought Outbound Flight and the Vagaari fleet out of hyperspace.  Aristocra asked if they didn’t come here out of their own choosing and Thrawn siad he chose for hem and offered to demonstrate.  Ar’alani said that device belongs to the Defense Fleet but Thrawn pointed out that if his military status is revoked, his loyalties belong to his family instead.  The Aristocra told Ar’alani that she shouldn’t allow Thrawn to manipulate her in this way, he called it extortion and Thrawn called it reality.  He pointed out that it would stop if the Aristocra stopped threatening him.  The Aristocra got angry and stompted out of the room.  Doriana said that didn’t look good, but Car’das said it appeared to be over.  Thrawn turned and confirmed this and said the Defense Fleet would protect him now in exchange for the Grav Field Projector.  Ar’alani warned that there would come a time when they can no longer offer protection and Thrawn warned he will continue the Chiss people.  Ar’alani released Doriana and Car’das to Thrawn and told him to return to Crustai while she deals with the Vagaari mess.  Thrawn told the other two that a shuttle awaits to return them to “The Springhawk” and that he’ll return Doriana and Kav to their vessel from there.  As they left, Car’das wondered why Doriana’s back looked oddly stiff…..


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