‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 24 (Part 2)

Thursday.  I had a nice surprise this moring.  I woke up to a lot of snow outside and to a phone call from my school saying we were having a snow day.  The kids and I went right back to sleep.  We woke back up around eight-thirty this morning and headed right outside and got to shoveling the driveway.  It took us a little while, but we managed to get it done in about a half an hour.  We came back inside and I decided to go downstairs and watch Dr. Phil while they watched some Disney Channel upstairs.  I watched Dr. Phil and some Frasier and then went upstairs and we had a mission and we had one mission.  Clean the upstairs for the company coming for Christmas.  We spent the rest of our morning working on it.  We stopped a little during lunch and then got right back to working.  Heather got home a little late today and at about one o’clock we had to go back outside and shovel the driveway yet again.  It was a busy day even though we were at home.  I did manage to get downstairs and watch “300” for the first time late this afternoon.  I’m not sure I understood all of the movie, but I got the general gist of the movie and it wasn’t bad at all.  I do have to say that you can tell that it was directed and produced by comic book people.  After this afternoon, we all helped Heather put dinner together and we ate dinner around five-thirty.
We watched our usual T.V. shows this evening, including what has become a little bit of our ritual starting at six o’clock.  We go downstairs and watch “The Simpsons”, “The Family Guy” and then two episodes of “Two and a Half Men”.  Then we watch our usual Thursday night T.V. shows including “Survivor”, “C.S.I.” and “Law and Order:  Criminal Intent” on the USA Network.  After that we headed to bed.  So, what should have been a full week turned into two days off.  Gotta love those snow days sometimes!
Okay, let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 24 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn……

Chapter 24 (Part 2):  The Aristocra was furious!  He told Car’das, Doriana, and Thrawn that they will all be charged with high treason.  Ar’alani cut in saying the charges won’t hold as Car’das already informed them that Thrass and Jedi Jinzler were responsible for removing Outbound Flight.  She said Doriana was innocent, besides, non-Chiss couldn’t be charged with treason.  Doriana asked what was being said and Car’das translated.  The Aristocra asked the two if they have an issue, but Thrawn interupted and said they will be left go, as they have done nothing illegal, he told the Aristocra to blame him.  The Aristocra said he intends to after he deals with the co-conspirators, but Thrawn said they are his prisoners and under the authority of the Chiss Expansionary Fleet.  The Aristocra then revoked Thrawn’s military position citing the unprovoked attack by Thrawn.  Admiral Ar’alani said he can’t revoke his position as he has yet to be convicted, but the Aristocra says they hae all the evidence they need right in front of him.  Thrawn said the Vagaari were an iminent threat and they were in Chiss space.  Aristocra said he forgot to let the enemy fire first and the records on his vessel confirm this.  Thrawn said that between Vagaari threats and their firepower, he was provoked.  The Aristocra said he needed to prove that nwo as he said he revokes Thrawn’s military status and rights until the trial takes place……


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