‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 24 (Part 1)

Okay, so it’s the day after the concert and I had a nice relaxing day with my wife.  I took a mental health day today, so I managed to get quite a bit done for the upcoming holiday season.  Heather and I got up with the kids this morning and got them ready for school.  They were all perplexed by the concept that both daddy and mommy had called in sick to work today, but they accpted it for what it was.  We got them ready for school and got them on their way.  Heather decided she would drive Tara to school as she liked to be driven to school by mommy.  Austin and Ruth wanted to ride the bus, so we let them.  Once the kids left the house, we got ready to leave.
We went to Wal Mart, Target, and Toys R’Us shopping for stuff for the kids for Christmas.  We found quite a few things, and some of them I think are going to be big hits.  First off, I managed to find Austin’s Republic Gunship online on Ebay for a fairly cheap price.  I won it this afternoon for a little more than $50 and it comes with extra clone figures which the original ship cost that much and it didn’t have any figures that came with it.  It wasn’t a bad idea and Austin will get what he wants for Christmas.  We found Ruth some really cool Barbie toys at Wal Mart and managed to find “High School Musical 2:  Special Edition” for her to have as well.  Then we found something that Heather’s not so sure about, but I know will make Tara happy.  The last time we were in Wal Mart, she was playing around with one of those little laptop style computers.  She really got into an R2D2 one and we went back to look at it.  We decided it was too easy for her, but found a Darth Vader one that will challenge her in math and english skills, so we got that for her.  Heather’s not so sure it will be a hit, but I’m positive it will be.
We got done and got home and managed to hide all the gifts before the kids got home.  The kids got home and we helped them with homework.  We then ate dinner together and then helped the girls get ready for Girl Scouts.  We took them to their meeting and went back later and picked them up.  Heather and I did our usual in the basement this evening and watched our usual T.V. shows.  Tomorrow we would be getting back to the grind of work.
Okay, enough of my day.  Let’s talk about Part 1 of Chapter 24 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 24 (Part1):  As they flew through hyperspace, Lorana used The Force to help her regulate and guide the controls of Outbound Flight.  Suddenly Thrass talked to her, which broke her concentration a little, and he told her he coulnd’t find a way off the ship as all the turbolifts seemed to be blocked.  Thrass suggested she get out of hyperspaceand he could spacewalk in a vac suit.  Lorana said she could not take Outbound Flight out of hyperspace.  She was concerned about the reactor as it was overheating and she knew if she shut it down, it would never work again.  Thrass said he understands and said he would continue to find a way to communicate with the survivors in the core.  Lorana wondered if the survivors assumed she had abandoned them.  She hoped that the survivors would also understand why they were doing what they were doing.  She hoped she could keep this up as piloting the ship pushing her abilities in The Force.


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