‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 23 (Part 11)

Tuesday and it’s officially winter concert day.  I got up in a very chipper mood today and I told myself that things were going to go well.  Quite honestly, the whole day went very well and things just worked out the way they were meant to.  I got up this morning and the kids helped me out by taking care of themselves without any argument.  Ruth even tried to help me out by getting breakfast together for me, which I found very sweet and endearing.  I got off to school on time and so did the kids.
When I got to school I added some finishing touches to the sound and lighting systems for the concert and got everything ready.  I spent the entire morning getting things together and ready and also teaching.  We had a different schedule today because of us performing the concert for the student body this afternoon.  We only had twenty minute periods which meant my prep periods were cut short as well.  But in reality, I was just basically getting ready for both concerts today.  The concert this afternoon went real well.  The students performed well and I think the student body was both gracious, accepting, and well behaved today.  We got done with the concert and I got things prepped for tonight, including getting my lesson plans together for tomorrow as well as prepping my T.V. cart in my classroom to put in the lobby to play all the music videos was have done so far this year in the lobby before tonight’s concert.
I got done with our school day and went right home.  I took a fifteen minute nap to get my energy back up and then ate a quick dinner with the family.  I then took a shower and got dressed and got to the school by about quarter till seven this evening.  Heather and the kids came along, which was nice for them to be able to help.  Heather helped me get all the equipment into the lobby for the music videos to be shown and as always, they drew a crowd.  We had another great concert tonight and the kids did a really great job performing yet again.  We got done and I tore some things apart.  My own kids helped Ms. Raposo take some instruments down to the library and we got home around nine o’clock.  The kids went right to bed and Heather and I were not too long after them.
Okay, so let’s talk about Part 11 of Chapter 23 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 23 (Part 11):  Doriana was looking out the canopy of the bridge listening to the bickering going on behind him, when he instantly saw Outbound Flight jump to hyperspace.  That’s when Doriana realized that Thrawn was happy because he helped stall the Ruling Family.  That’s when Doriana spoke up and let them know that thier prize was now gone.


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