‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 23 (Part 10)

Monday.  It was a busy and brutal day today and a lot of it has to do with what is going to happen or not happen tomorrow.  But I’ll get to that in a minute. Let’s talk about my day today.  It was a usual Monday in many ways as it always is.  I got up this morning and really wanted to go back to the weekend and not have to start another work week.  But, I keep reminding myself that I only have two full weeks of classes left and then I will have a break for a while.  I got up and got my own children up and we got ourselves ready for the day.  Austin took a shower this morning as he needed to which made the morning a little more interesting and changed the dynamics of how we handled the morning this morning, but we made it work.  I got the kids out the door and I managed to get out on time today, which was critical.
I got into school this morning and got things all prepped for the concert tomorrow night.  I had the light system set up and the lighting boards were placed in the auditorium this morning.  Among the talk of the concer this morning is the discussion of a possible snow day on Wednesday and some possible snow tomorrow night.  I went in and talked to the band and choir teacher and we started to work on a plan in case we needed to go to a snow date.  I suggested it not to make everyone paranoid, but so we had a back up plan in case this were to happen.  By the end of the school day today, we had a back up plan in place.  I did my usual teaching this morning and on all of my prep periods today I managed to tape down all the cords in the auditorium for safety purposes and so our students don’t play with them tomorrow while we have an afternoon concert.  We had lunchtime rehearsals and it seems as though all the groups are really well prepared for the concert tomorrow and I think it will go very well.
I got done with my school day and came home and crashed for a little while.  I was exhausted and I know tomorrow I won’t have that opportunity and the rest of the week may be chaotic.  I also decided that on Wednesday I was going to take a “mental health day” for myself.  It will also give Heather and I an opportunity to shop for the kids without them around.  Besides, after all this stress, I’ll need a day off in order to get my brain back into the swing of things again.  So, I started to write out my lesson plans for Wednesday after I got up from crashing.  The family and I ate dinner together and then Austin and I headed out to Boy Scouts.  We came home and Austin told Heather all about the things he did tonight at his Boy Scout meeting and Heather and I watched our usual T.V. shows and headed to bed.  It was quite the day, but tomorrow was concert day, so it will be busier.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 10 of Chapter 23 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 23 (Part 10):  Lorana asked what would happen to the people still on board once they get there.  She asked if they would be slaves, but Car’das said that is not the Chiss way.  Thrass corrected him and said those onboard would be imprisoned until the matter of Outbound Flight can be handled, which could take years.  Car’das suggested they find a non-Chiss habitable world, but Thrass said that between pirates and the Vagaari, anything nearby would be dangerous.  Thrass said there is a cluster of ten habitable worlds they plan on using as an emergency refuge that is no more than a two day flight from here.  Car’das asked what the catch was and Thrass said he doesn’t know the safe routes there.  He asked Lorana if the ship’s nav computers could find the routes and Jinzler said probably not, but she could using The Force.  Car’das asked what they’re supposed to do once they get there, sit and wait?  Thrass said they would at least be on a habitable world and he would negotiate their safe passage in private without the Ruling Families.  He said it could take months, but at least they could survive.  Thrass asked if there was a hyperspace capable ship onboard and Lorana said there was a Delta-Twelve Skysprite.  Car’das asked if this was it and Lorana said yes, but then told Car’das she has a personal favor she wants him to do.  She asked him find her brother, Dean Jinzler, when he returns to The Republic and tell him to forgive her, her parents, and himself.  Car’das said he’d do his best and then it dawned on him that she thought she wasn’t coming back from this mission.  She said good luck to both of them.  Ten minutes later, Car’das was flying the Chiss shuttle toward the Fifth Ruling Family ships and he looked back at Outbound Flight and wondered if anyone would see it again…..


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