‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 23 (Part 9)

Sunday.  Much to do today and little time to get any of it done in.  We woke up at our usual time for church this morning and I think for once we all felt rested and ready to go to church this morning.  We got ourselves all going and got ready for church.  I have to say that I feel as though the holiday season has really snuck up on the Crissman household this year and I think we are starting to realize that we have a lot to do before December 25th when the families will be at our home, so there was a concerted talk this morning between Heather and I, and the kids about cleaning up after ourselves and how important it is now.
We went to church and had a good service and Heather and I got invited to partake of the Christmas Eve service.  Heather wants to sing, which I totally understand and I told her that I want to play trumpet.  Ruth then asked if she could play piano, so I talked to our music director and he said he didn’t see why not, but to pass it by Pastor Peak first.  I talked to Pastor today and he didn’t seem to have a problem with it, so I thought I would help out Ruth with it at home a little before next week and see if we can get her some practice time at church.  We got done with church and I headed off to Barnes and Nobles.
Heather dropped me off there and told me she was going to do some Christmas shopping and get some other things we need for the house while we had our meeting.  We had a great meeting and started to firm up some of the details of what we are doing with our Binghamton Senators game which has been scheduled for January 19th and is slowly creeping up on us.  We talked about some other things and agreed that we need to try to help our new members get into costume if they’re interested in joining us for the event.  I passed the idea by the table about Austin getting into costume and everyone seemed to be up for the idea, so I think that is going to be my next project.  Finishing his armor before that game has now become priority number one.  We had a great time at the meeting.  So much so, that when my wife came into the store, she said you could hear us all the way across Barnes and Nobles from the other end.  Ian suggested that our next meeting not take place at Barnes and Nobles considering how loud we were, and he was probably right.  We got done with our meeting and Heather met me with the kids and we went home.
Once we got home, Heather decided to take a Sunday afternoon nap and I went downstairs and watched some football, and maybe the back of my eyelids a little.  We got up and ate some left overs for dinner and then got ourselves ready for the week as this coming school week was going to be whacky, weird, and massively busy.
Okay, so let’s talk about Part 9 of Chapter 23 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 23 (Part 9):  Car’das told Thrass to get to the helm.  He checked the settings and everything seemed in order, but Thrass yelled as a single female entered the room.  Thrass pulled out a blaster and fired, but the lady whipped out a lightsaber and deflected the shot and Car’das told Thrass to stop this as this was a Jedi.  Car’das translated for Thrass when he asked her what she wanted.  She was surprised Thrass didn’t speak basic, but Car’das introduced himself and Thrass and she, in turn, introduced herself as Lorana Jinzler.  She asked who else was herre and Thrass explained it was just them, but they were trying to prevent others from boarding.  She asked how and Car’das siad they would destory it.  Lorana siad they can’t as there are people still onboard.  Car’das how many, and Jinzler said there were fifty-seven with children.  Car’das asked where they are and if they can get them out, but Thrass said their shuttle would hold ten, at best.  Jinzler said it would take too long as they were still in the storage core.  Lorana asks why they didn’t just leave and Car’das says that he and Thrass can’t pilot it by themselves.  They need a crew.  Jinzler said she could fly Outbound Flight solo as Jedi Master C’Baoth insisted they learn about every aspect of flying the ship.  Car’das said they still need to know where to go and Thrass said they need to head for a Defense Fleet base…..


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