‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 23 (Part 6)

Thursday.  Getting towards the end of the week and the pressures on to get things ready for the concert next week Tuesday.  If there is a concert.  There are weather rumors that we may get a big storm sometime next week at the beginning of the week that may make the concert near impossible to happen.  Today started like a typical day and I got up this morning and got ready for school.  The kids were in a better mood, but that may be because we sent them to bed earlier last night.  I got to school today and thought that things were going to go very well.  I was already ahead of the game by having my expectations for the day on the board from last night.

My school day was a typical Thursday teaching music history to my students.  You can tell that Christmas is coming up as my students are starting to get jittery and seem a little on edge as of late.  I got through the day and came home and quite honestly, I crashed big time!  I was so tired that I took a nap for an hour when I got home and was still somehow tired even after that!  I’m not so sure why I’m so tired lately other than the fact that I don’t seem to get a break during the school day.  Even my lunches are taken up by concert rehearsals, which I understand but it makes the next few days of school tough because I feel as though I’m always thinking about and working on the concert and the sound and lighting system.  I ate dinner with Heather and the kids and Heather and I went downstairs and she did some sewing while I worked on things and we both watched our usual T.V. shows for the evening.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 6 of Chapter 23 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 23 (Part 6):  Ar’alani said they would have to work with the crew thay have on board, when she was interupted by Thrawn’s comm.  He answered and a commander told him that the Aristocra requested his presence aboard the “Chaf Exalted”.  Thrawn told his commander to not acknowledge the signal.  Thrawn asked Car’das to find the helm.  As he did, the Aristocra contacted Ar’alani’s direct comm and informed her that he can’t get ahold of Thrawn suspecting he’s refusing to answer.  He ordered Ar’alani to find and detain Thrawn.  She acknowledged and told Thrawn she was placing him under detention.  Thrawn claimed this would destroy the Chiss unless the Defense Fleet takes control of this vessel.  Ar’alani understood and said she’d stall the Aristocra, but he and his personnel were to return to their ships.  Thrawn acknowledged positively and used his comlink to tell his crew to do the same.  Ar’alani asked Thrawn and Car’das to exit the bridge.  Car’das argued saying he is not a Chiss and Ar’alani said he can’t fly Outbound Flight on his own, but Car’das insisted that the Aristocra’s orders did not include him and Ar’alani granted him permission to stay.  Then Thrass also volunteered to stay behind and said that the Aristocra did not mention him either.  Ar’alani looked at Thrawn and mentioned this would ruin their careers, but Thrawn said a Chiss warrior must protect their own.  Ar’alani looked at Thrass and said that Pesfarri is the nearest base and Thrass said he knew where it was.  The two of them wished Car’das and Thrass well, Thrawn threw Thrass a last glance and they left the bridge.  After they left Car’das asked Thrass if they really could get Outbound Flight to a base, and that’s when Thrass pointed out that Thrawn insisted that it was better for Outbound Flight to be destroyed before letting it land into a hand of a ruling family.  Car’das said he didn’t sign up for a suicide mission and Thrass told him to relax.  He said they would set the auto pilot to fly Outbound Flight into the local sun while they escape on Thrass’ shuttle…..


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