‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 23 (Part 5)

Okay, so it’s Tuesday and I had a Snow Day!!!!  It was nice to have the day off, but it just brought up a bunch of house work that I needed to get done because marching band season had kept me from doing the housework.  I swear it’s all a viscious circle and when you don’t get caught up in the one, the other catches up with you.  Anyway, I got woken up by Heather who told me we both (the kids and I) had a snow day today and that it wasn’t bad outside, so she was off to work.  I got up around nine o’clock or so and looked outside and it hadn’t even started to snow yet.  According to weather reports it wasn’t supposed to start till the afternoon and was to get quite heavy at times.  So, I figured I had plenty of time so I told the kids that I was going to go downstairs and watch Dr. Phil and then we would all get together and work on the garage organizing it and getting the pool folded up and put away so I could put the car in the garage before the storm hit.

Well, I watched Dr. Phil and then we went outside all bundled up.  When I opened the garage door, I wanted to cry.  The entire garage was a wreck.  Quite honestly, I can blame one person for this, my wife.  I knew it was my wife because things that only she used were just strewn about in the garage.  So, I decided the best way for us to clean the garage was to clear the garage out and start from scratch.  Well, mother nature did me no favors today.  We no more than cleared the garage out till it started to snow, and it snowed hard!  So, we all of a sudden were under the gun to get it done.  We worked like fiends as our one and only goal was to get to the pool and get it folded and then rolled up for winter.  We managed to get to the pool in a matter of fifteen minutes (which was a miracle in itself).  We worked hard and managed to take a half an hour to get the pool rolled up and folded up.  Then we worked on putting everything back in the garage and I decided to organize everything as I put it back in.  We got back into the house an hour and a half later and soaked to the bone because of the snow and sweat.

We got back inside and the kids and I made some hot cocoa and had some lunch.  Not too long after we got done and Heather got home and we enjoyed the rest of the day inside.  I worked hard with the kids to try and start cleaning things up around the house.  Today we hit the basement hard, in particular.  We got most of the basement cleaned up by about four o’clock or so and I have to say that at this point I was exhausted and took a half hour nap.  I got up and helped Heather make some dinner and we all hung out upstairs for a few hours before going downstairs and watching our usual T.V. shows for the evening.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 5 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 23 (Part 5):  Thrawn was on the bridge of the main command ship still looking at the active consoles.  Thrawn asked Thrass if the Geroons were being properly taken car of, but Car’das cut in saying the Aristocra of the Fifth Ruling Family was on his way and Ar’alani asked under who’s authority.  Thrawn assumed their own and asked how long till they arrive and Thrass said any moment and assumed they were here to raise charges against him.  thrawn then suspected that the Aristocra may be coming to take the remains of the Vagaari fleet.  Then Thrawn said he was worried about Outbound Flight.  If one of the ruling families got their hand on the project, it would change the balance of power amongst the Chiss for decades.  Car’das wondered how much technology the Chiss could steal from Outbound Flight and knew that this could be dangerous.  Ar’alani said they need to delay until the ships she ordered arrive, but Thrawn said that would be too late.  He suggested they take Outbound Flight to a defense base and declare it defensive property.  Car’das suggested the sip may not make it, but Thrawn said it’s better to destroy Outbound Flight than let a ruling family get it.  Car’das saw a flicker of light out of the corner of his eye and said it was too late as a group of Chiss ships came out of hyperspace……


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