‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 23 (Part 4)

Monday.  It’s the beginning of another week and I’m as busy as always if not more.  Today was going to be a busy day as I was going to start lunch time practices for our winter concert and I was going to be making sure the sound and lighting system was set up for next week.  I got up this morning and got the kids ready for school and the kids seem peppier this morning.  Maybe that’s because most of the “Today” Show was about the upcoming Christmas season which was making my own kids think about how they could start to think about all the things that Santa Claus was going to bring them for Christmas.  My son has insisted that he wants a Republic Gunship and told us all this at Thanksgiving and I told him that we would have to talk to Santa about it, but he insists that Santa has come through in the past and I’m worried that he may not be able to this time because of the price of the product.

We got ourselves ready for school and I left a little later than I wanted to because of some of the snow and slippery roads that we have in this area this morning.  Of course, according to the weather reports this morning, this is nothing compared to what we are supposed to have tomorrow.   This has me worried as our garage and even our pool is still not put away properly and I wanted to clear out our garage before the first major storm of the season.  When I got to school, I set up my classroom and then headed into the auditorium to set up the microphones for the concert next week.  I promised the chorus teacher that I would have their mics set up for their practice during lunch tomorrow.  My school day with my students seemed okay and it went alright today and it seemed like they were getting the concepts I was teaching today.  I was able to continue to set things up on my prep periods and have most of the sound system set up for the concert next week.  I worked hard all day and even practiced with the Stage Band at lunch.

I came home exhausted, but managed to get a short nap in before taking Austin to Boy Scouts tonight.  We ate dinner and were off for the evening.  We got to Scouts and had a good lesson on the United States and we looked at some topographical maps.  It was pretty fun to do and I have to say a well thought out lesson.  We got done with that and Austin and I came home and I joined my wife in the basement.  We watched some T.V. together and then headed off to bed.  Tomorrow’s weathers not looking good, so I hope I can at least get a delay so I can get Heather off to work early in the morning without a problem.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 23 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 23 (Part 4):  The turbolift doors reluctantly slid open and Uliar said they must have sealed air again.  As Uliar looked up he saw a massive discoloration that the knew was often associated with a radiation surge.  He wondered if the reactors had exploded without them knowing.  Keeley muttered about the mess in the shaft and Uliar said cleaning up the Dreadnaughts could take a while.  As they went to enter the car, Jinzler pushed them aside and said she would go up alone.  Keeley warned about being alone, but Lorana insisted she would find a safe place for them and be back.  Uliar asked if she was sure and she told him to join the others.  She smiled as the door shut.


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