‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 23 (Part 3)

Sunday.  A day I can finally rest and yet again I took full advantage of it.  We got up for church today and had a nice church service.  We came home and all had a nice lunch together and I went downstairs to watch some football.  Of course, I couldn’t help myself and found that I was watching the back of my eyelids more than I was watching the football that was on T.V.  As always, the Rams lost today, so there was not much for me to be excited about.  What a season they’ve had!  They might as well call themselves the L.A. Rams again and go back to just expecting to loose all the time.  I think they need a new quaterback, new offensive line, and an entirely new defense.  Not too much for a fan to ask for, right?  Anyway, I watched football till dinner time and went upstairs and had a nice meal with the family.  Once we got done, Heather decided she wanted to decorate the house, so I brought upstairs the Christmas decorations and she went to town while I continued to watch football downstairs.  Right around eight o’clock or so, she came downstairs and joined me in watching “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy” and then went to bed earlier than normal.  I joined her upstairs later.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 23 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 23 (Part 3):  Car’das starred out at the vastness of the transport bay housing all the Geroon captors now freed and he began to aske himself how he had ended up here.  He’d made himself a target to free the Geroons and Ar’alani said she’d send Chiss warriors to ensure their future safety against the Vagaari.  Then Car’das reflected about Outbound Flight and the fifty-thousand people who died onboard and he wondered how Maris would react when he told her.  Thrass suddenly began to talk to Car’das catching him off-guard.  He told Car’das that he believes the situation will soon be resolved and the loot at Crustai may soon be divided up and given to him and his friends.  He commented about their parts in their plot and Car’das said he had no problems serving his brother.  Thrass said he was manipulated and controlled, but Car’das reminded him that it was for his protection.  Thrass said the Nine Ruling Families will not be happy with these attacks, but Car’das also pointed out they were in Chiss territory and that the Vagaari showed up with the intent to harm, so Thrawn was defending the Chiss, not attacking on thier behalf.  Thrass pointed out the Vagaari were taunted by Car’das to come to tis point of the galaxy, but Car’das said he was not a Chiss, besides, Thrawn had already painted him as a spy.  Then Car’das looke at the Geroons and pointed out that Thrawn freed these people from tyranny.  Thrass agreed that this was a good arguement.  Car’das said that after his experience with the Vagaari, he’s concluded tha the galaxy’s better without them.  Thrass agreed, but said the Aristocra on the way there now, may not agree with them.  Thrass said he communicated with the Aristocra and he plans to place Thrawn under arrest.  Car’das asked if Thrawn knew and Thrass said no.  Car’das said they need to tell him and insisted they take his shuttle over to Outbound Fligth, where Thrawn is inspecting the damage…..


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